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Monday, August 08, 2005

Misspelled Names Galore

Jay'Den Victor (The tacky apostrophe will not distinguish this kid from all of the other kids named Jayden when the teacher calls out the name in school.)

Breleigh Elizabeth (The name sounds hideous and it looks even worse)

Treydon Michael (Trey is bad enough. Treydon is just cruel)

Dametrious Cavontae (Why put the word Dame in your son's name? )

Logan Brooke (Examples of female names.. Sarah, Anna, Amelia, Isabella, Hannah, Victoria, Vera.. Logan and Brooke are not female!)

Kellyn Rae (They took over Kelly and now they're going for Kellan/Kellen. Will this madness ever end?)

Mckayla Briana (The name is Michaela. It's mih KAY lah. It's not MC kayla!)

Carrington Constance (Using a wealthy sounding surname doesn't make you sound classy.)

Blessing Knaya (Couldn't tell if it was a boy or a girl. Doesn't really matter, does it?

Payge McKenzi( Two misspelled male names. How cute. :::gags:::)

Lyric-Journey (girl) (Her siblings are Sterling, Sayelur, and Michael)
(That Michael is one lucky little boy. )

Kynzingtan Lundynn (What is this craze with naming kids after places? And misspelling the names? I pray this kid never goes to England.)

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