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Friday, August 05, 2005

Bad Names From The Net

Persephanie Jinx (A misspelled first name with Jinx as a middle name. Which is worse?)

Eternity Irene (Named after Mom's favorite perfume? Maybe her parents think she will actually live forever. Maybe she's a vampire)

Delta Rei (Perhaps Mom or Dad work for the airline.)

Sophia Apple ( Such a nice first name. As for the middle name..It screams.."My Mom and Dad are celeb obsessed. )

Madden Marie (I'm guessing her parents don't own a dictionary)

Byryn William (I suppose Byryn is a "hip" version of Byron. )

Ireland Warren (I'm shocked that it's a boy. Ireland is a "name" on the rise for girls. Sibling suggestions: Denmark for a boy. Poland(Polly for a girl)

Baylin Kyle (A made up name with a "girly" spelling. I pity this poor child )

Chevy Jordan James (It's better than Toyota or Dodge I suppose )

Rafferty Jared (Another baby with celeb obsessed parents. Rafferty is the name of Jude Law's son. )

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