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Monday, May 14, 2012

Change in popularity

This list is always interesting. It shows names that have dramatically grown or dropped in popularity.

Briella grew the most for girls. It jumped up 394 places in one year. Does anyone know where the name comes from? A TV show? A movie?

Brantley jumped 416 places in one year for a boy. There is a newly popular country singer named Brantley Gilbert. Maybe that's where they're getting it from.  I went to school with a girl named Brantley. Yuck!

Zaiden jumped 131 spots for boys.

Kamden jumped 109 for boys.

Bruce jumped up 62 spots. How random!

Nylah jumped up 149 spots for girls.

Raelynn jumped up 133 spots for girls.

Brynlee jumped 130 spots for girls.

Bristol jumped 126 spots for girls.

Charlee jumped 119 for girls.

Dylan jumped 82 spots for girls.

Presley jumped 47 spots for girls. There are various spellings so expect this one to become very popular.

Desiree fell 121 spots for girls. Yay!

Jamarion fell 112 spots for boys.

Most Popular Names!

The real list is finally out. I think the top 10 girls is better this time.  Madison is awful but the rest are nice.  I hate Jayden and Mason. Can't stand Aiden either.

RankMale nameFemale name

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Jessica Simpson

I am so sick of celebrities giving male names to girls. It isn't cute. It isn't unique. I think she's the third celeb this year to give the name Max to her daughter. Max can be a nickname for Maxine, but Max or Maxwell on a girl is just gross. She claims Maxwell is a family name on the father's side.  What if the family name was Elizabeth or Esther? They certainly wouldn't give those names to a boy. I just don't understand it. The baby's full name is Maxwell Drew Johnson. Ugh. So feminine, right?