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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Brezy Lee(girl)

Talon Vasher Levi

Klassic Rickel(girl)


StellaSerendipitymoon(That's the way the name was written. It was password protected so I couldn't see if her name was even longer. )

Presley Rose(Obsessed Elvis fans? Doesn't matter if they aren't. People will think they are. By the way Mom and Dad, Presley is a not a female name. )

Roscoe Allen(Sounds like a dog's name)

Deighton Dale(A boy)

Shayleen Briel(Destined to work at a roadside diner)

Avaughna Jane Doris Mathilda(Well, Jane and Mathilda are nice...)

Deacon Arlis(Named after Reese and Ryan's son no doubt)

Chayse Marie(Misspelling a male name doesn't make it feminine!)

Jetty(Don't know if it's a boy or a girl. )

Tawni(Destined to be a stripper)

Kamden(Brothers:Kade,Carter)There names scream born in the 2000's)

Gracyn(girl)(The correct spelling is Gracin from Greyson/Grayson. Again, not a female name.)

Adyn(girl)(See above)

Kendrew Ryley(If you can't agree on one name, please don't combine them. Misspelling a name doesn't do anything but make you look stupid )

Hudson Rose(I cannot understand how anyone can think that Hud and Son combine to make a nice name for a girl. )

Teagan Rylan(girl)

Emerson Chanel(Oh look..She's got a surname for a first name and her middle name is a brand name. How classy.)

Darian Renee(Another boy's name on a girl)

Tierney Marie(Male and way too close to tyranny)

Coebin Blaine(What the heck is a Coebin?)

Shayde Hendrix(Parents like weed I think)

Ryler Beck(Put down the pipe!)

Amber-Rae Roselani(Amber-Rae is about as hick as it gets)

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