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Saturday, December 20, 2008

(I am guessing the parents went with this spelling to avoid having idiots call their child "Germy". The parents should have stuck with the original spelling. It's not that difficult to correct people on pronunciation. It's certainly better than your child going through life with a ridiculously spelled name.)

Meshawn(Her Dad is Shawn)
(I detest when baby girls are given hideous, invented names in honor of their Fathers. It's especially annoying when there is a legit female form of a name. I hate the spelling of Shawn, but Shawna would have been a better choice than Meshawn.)

(Oh look..She's been given an ugly surname/misspelled college name. How nice.)
(After Sir Paul, I assume. What is there to hate about this name?hmm? Lets see. First off, it's a surname/male name. Second, it's incredibly selfish and juvenile to name your child after one of your musical icons. What if she grows up to hate their music? She's going to endure a lifetime of jokes. It's cruel to give a child a name like this.)

(Another baby named after a musical icon or after a tiny Midwestern town? Either way it sucks!)

(I don't know what they were going for ,but they failed.)
(Want an uncommon name that starts with "Z" and isn't made it? Go with Zenon. It's ZEN un not ZEE non. )

(I can see this one shooting up the charts thanks to Gossip Girl star, Blake Lively. If originality is what they were going for, they missed it by a mile. Some one syllable female names they could have gone with.. Claire, Faith, Mae, Eve)

(There is nothing serene about this name)

(Named for a hat and cheap cologne. Way to go, parents!)

(Siblings with no doubt be named Fuel and Diesel)
(She probably will become shy because the constant attention her name will no doubt attract.)

(Of all the "ayden" names this one is my least favorite. It's going to be the defining name of this generation. Word of advice. This name is not unique. It is being used for boys and girls. It has dozens of spelling variations. If you combine the stats it would probably be in the top 5 for boys and girls. Avoid it at all costs. Alternate choices for girls: Corinne for a girl Keaton for a boy)
(They could have gone with a respectable name like Miranda Lynn and called her RandiLynn)

(Tracing what? Shapes? )

(Sounds like an English butler from an old movie)

(This child is going to be so humiliated when she studies geography in school or if she ever travels abroad.)

(The 90's called, they want their crappy names back. They also said to stop misspelling them and using them for girls.)

(Attack of the "Ayden" names!)
(I wonder if they realized this name sounds exactly like steal)

(Another poor child named after one of her parent's hobbies or treasured possession)

(These girls are going to be so embarrassed in about 10 years)

(This name is already unusual. Why misspell it?)

(Way too easy .)

(Wow, this one is like so unique because it's just like Kaylie only with a "Z".)

(Apostrophes are not decoration!)

(Well, he can always go by Kobi and be mistaken for a girl.)

(Such a conceited name. Way too much to live up to.)

(I hope he isn't meek and mild.)

(I want someone to try to defend this name to me.)
(Another egotiscal, too much to live up to, misspelled, train-wreck of a name.)
(The first four letters are just wrong.)

(Not original. Not cute. How about Nancy? Similar, uncommon and actually female.)

(Serene or a siren? lol)

(I don't care if this one is legit. It's UGLY!)

(Tyne? Tiny? Tying?)

(I don't understand the trend of adding a Ja, La, Da, or whatever to the front of a normal name. Why ? It's not like anyone is using Harvey these days. Just go with Harvey. )

(I want to k'ick the parents in the head for destroying a nice biblical name)

(What is this crap?How about Ronan or Roman? )

(I don't know what to say)

(I hope they don't call her Salem. :/ )

(Can you imagine a woman with this name who isn't a porn star or stripper?)

(So peynful)

(A misspelled, apostrophe-decorated piece of crap name)

Maisyn Marie
(This is not cute.)

Brylie Makinsey
(eww! )
Lyndon Grace
(Lyndon is not a nice name for a girl. )

Serinity Destiny
(It's like a 4 yr chose her Mom's pole, I mean stage name.)

Taelyr Maddison
(A couple of misspelled 90s names on a girl. This one drips of originality. )

Mavery Jayne
(Like Avery but worse. Jayne looks layme.)
Eastyn JoAnn
(It's a good thing she has the "Ann" or else she would always be mistaken for a boy.)
Tailey Daniyelle
(Like Kailey but dumber. Daniyelle says DAN eee yelle not DAN yell)

Livingston Renee
(Another butler name. This one is a boy. Yes, a boy with a middle name of Renee. Rene is great for a boy. Renee is not.)

Kaedynce Leigh
(Like Kayden but worse. I wonder if her parents know that cadence is a word.)

Season Rhein
(Sounds like a command or a feminine hygiene product.)
Zayne Elyse
(Why do people think random "y's" in a name makes it feminine? Does is work with classic boy names like Phyllyp or Naythan?)

Paislee Rachelle
( Paisley is an ugly fabric. Is it for Brad Paisley? I like him too, but lets be real. Paisley is not a cute name!)

Kynnadee Raylayne
(Kennedy is an ugly name for a girl even before the spelling gets contorted. Raylayne is sad. Give her at least one name she can live with.)
Rowan Campbell
(What a handsome name for a BOY!)

Nicholette Nicole(Her Dad is Nicholas.)
(Why didn't just name her Nicole Nicole or Nicholette Nicholette? UGH!)

Kamaidren Aniyah-Ka'Nae

Wulfgang Nova Dominic
(Well..Dominic is a nice name)

Diamond Unique-Kiley
(It's sad when Kiley is the best name.)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

fan mail

I have been receiving some lovely letters from my fans so I thought I would post some here with my replies..

The ignorance of your bad name list is ridiculous, just because you do not know the meaning within a name doesn’t make it a bad name of shame. If you knew anything about the world language or different cultures then you would understand the significance in a name. Plain names or one syllables names without significance Jean, are just blends. However, Reading the name Jacquillyone from left to right it means the first son of God. Break it into pieces. You get English, Hebrew, latin, and Greek. Words within a name makes it a beautiful name and much thought was put into it. Simple less complicated names means less thought.

How ridiculous. I could string together a bunch of letters from different languages and claim that it means beautiful, amazing star child but that doesn't make it so. LOL Jacqueline is simply a French feminine form of Jacques. Jacques is the French form of Jacob and James so Jacqueline does share the same meaning of Jacob and James. Jacob means holder of the heel or the more common, supplanter. The bible states that Jacob was born holding his twin brother Esau's heel hence the meaning. The good names have been around for hundreds of years, since the begining of time. There is no need to try to improve upon these names or create new names. If Jacqueline isn't good enough, go with something else. Your child with thank you.

Do you have children?? and what are their names so that maybe they can be posted on your so called hall of shame. Its makes no since for you to start something so stupid. I dont see any celebrity baby names. Why is that? its none of your business what we call our kids
Why is it that everyone who gives their kids a crap name throws this line at me? Whether or not I have children is my own business. People don't need to have children in order to have an opinion on names. Since you asked, here is the latest celebrity baby name. Bronx Mowgli. Can I get a big LOL at that one?

I just happen to run across this website and i think its stupid and you should get a life. Some people may name their kids names that you don't approve of but do you have kids and what stupid names did you give them "Jane"?
Yes, I have 5 kids and they're all named Jane. I even have 3 sons named Jane.

Do you not have anything better to do with your life? Apparently not. Why don't you do something productive like volunteer instead of spreading hate? Embrace diversity. Maybe you'll learn something. Why do you care what anyone is named? Does it affect your life? How? I doubt if hearing a baby name that you don't like will actually make any kind of difference to your world.
Get a life.
I think it's hateful to give kids horrible names. There is nothing diverse about saddling children with names that will do nothing but cause them grief. I am all for different names as long as they are legit. Portia is great. Pailylynn is not. See the difference? BTW, who says I don't volunteer? Why don't you do something productive instead of worrying about how I spend my time?