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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Jersi Emma (Jersey as in New Jersey? A crappy state. Maybe it's for the article of clothing. Or perhaps her parents are a fan of the type of Cow.

Chassitty Jazzman Dohun
#1.If parents must name their kids after a word, please spell it right.
#2. Do not put the words man, men, son, or use Mc or Mac for girls.
#3. What is a Dohun?

Promise Anton Lorenzo (Promise him what?)

Vegas Brianna (Named after the city in which she was conceived no doubt)

Kahlen Sky(Contort the spellings however you like, Colin will always be a male name. Sky? Come on people. It's not the 60s anymore. There are no hippies.

King Jewellious Armon(Your kid is not royalty. This is not England. It's Julius!
::sighs:: )

Starla Ann-Marie (Destined to live in a trailer)

Wisdom Noel (This is a girl. I hope she's not a moron. )

Brinsleigh Renea (I'm sorry, but EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! How ugly and masculine)

Coen Bradley (Some people need to turn the TV off! Coen is a surname. It's not a "name." It's Seth's last name on The O.C. people. His last name! Not a first name! More on Coen.. "in Judaism, a person recognized as a descendant of Aaron. The cohanim were priests in the Temple in ancient Jerusalem, and a man identified as a cohen still retains specific obligations in Orthodox Judaism today" From )

Precious Joy (Destined to be a terror. )

Chailyn Syngular (Now they're naming kids after cell phone companies)

Master Smith (Future rap star)

Skyelytt Ann (Skylight? )

Paulretta Anasia(Dad is Paul. Is there something wrong with Pauline or Paula? )

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