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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Scary Names!

Happy Halloween!!

 Dyamon Da'Janae
Logan Ja'Niya
 Avarii Lynn
Koltyn Cade
Heavan La'Tierra
Stryker Kade 
Sir Righteous Kevin-Lynn

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Surnames on girls

What is it with parents these days? Surnames on girls seems to be gaining in popularity. Masculine, ugly awkward.. as long as it's a surname it's good enough for some people. I always hear the tired line that it's a "family name".  As if that makes it ok.  You can bet your life that if Elisabeth was a family name and a family had nothing but boys they wouldn't name their son Elisabeth or even use it as a middle name. Why is it ok to name a girl McCartney or Jackson? (Yes, I have actually heard of these names on girls. More than once) I can tolerate a family surname on a girl as a middle name but not a first name.

The worst surnames I've ever heard on girls besides the obvious popular ones like Madison and Taylor..

Brantley, Baylor, Campbell, Carter, Cohen, Davis, Everett, Finley, Frasier, Garrett, Hampton, Hartley, Jensen, Jamison, Kenzington, Kinley, Kincaid, Leighton, Landon, Logan, McCarthy, Mattingly, Madden, Maddox, Nolan, Nixon, Paisley, Parker, Presley, Porter, Preston, Quimby, Quinton, Remington, Sawyer, Sutton, Sloane, Tyler, Turner, Walker