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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Cashlin DeLane (A girl)

Hayden Belle (A girl)

Bliss Dean (A boy) (No, really. It's a boy. )

Tybee Holland (A boy)

Rockland Kohl

Indiana Scarlet

Mackenzey Sheyenne

Paulix Troy

Dossie James (A boy)

Graceson Rebecca

Tennessee Deacon

Skylynn Constantina

Novella Irene

Logic Alijah

Brayley Clifford

Bentley LaBella

Freedom Blessed (A girl)

Tiler Mae

Addielee Karma

Philadelphia Santee(A girl)

Tenacious Terrell(A boy)

Anakin Prince

Rustin Kendrick

Lexiebella Michelle

Hamington Gordon

Peaches Lareen

Whitaker Ellington

Sequoyah Joe(A boy!)

Brandilynn Tyler

Ireland Shea (A girl)

Tacoma John

Heavenly Grace Chanel

MaryJane Marie (Mary and Marie are the same the name! Morons!)

Kalifornia Yvonne (Born in CA. Her brothes are Karson and Kolton)

Honestee Linn

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Race Allan (He's going to hate filling out forms.)

Serious Edward June (I don't know which is worse. Serious as a name or June on a boy. )

Mayson Grace (They were probably going for amazing grace. :::eye roll:::

Huxley Hunter (It doesn't flow and the names suck)

Murphy Laura (Murphy wouldn't even be a good name for a dog)

Finley Anais (Finley is not a girl's name!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Winsome Muriel (I hope she doesn't turn out to be repellant, repulsive, ugly, unappealing, or unnattractive. All antonyms for Winsome cause you know, it's a WORD name a name!)

Mabry Lynn(A girl) (Mabry is right up there with Murphy. )

Sooner Shea (A girl born in Oklahoma. Big surprise, I know. )

Skyace Grace (Can't figure out how to pronounce the first name.)

Kyenligh (Thay kneed huked ahn fahnikcs)

Weather (Not a mistake. )

Axtyn Ryan (This is a girl. )

Caston Griffith (Do they actually think Caston sounds nice?)

Abilene Suzanne (Another random city name)

Juice Madison (a girl)( Sounds like a football player from the 70s.)

Kelsen Marie (Another male name for a girl)

Wrangler Wayne (After the jeans or the occupation?)