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Monday, August 08, 2005

crazy names from CA

Jamaica Jasmin (Another stupid place name to add to the growing list)

Jaxson Cash Lee (Jackson is a dumb enough name without being misspelled. Jaxson is stupid. If you have the X you don't need the S. The X replaces the S. Cash? Why is this a "name?")

Paisley Sue (Named after an ugly fabric. Sue is too sad to even bother with. )

Mystik Melody (Does Mystik really sound feminine to these people? eww)

My'Kole Carolyn Ruth (On the bright side, she has two good names)

Ma'Syn Dion(My sin? Mason? yikes!)

Emma'Lee Anne (So "unique". :::pukes:::)

Einstein M. T. (And I thought Wisdom was bad. This kid had better be a genius)

Love Joy(Named after her parents favorite Simpson's character?)

Haylene Daniella

Jolene Frances
(Two -lene names in one month? This had better not be a new trend. )

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