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Monday, August 29, 2005

Hawken Michel(Someone actually thought Hawken would make a good name? wow)

Aydin Gracee (Misspelled boy's name with a misspelled middle name. Her parents went all out)

Blaiklen(It's a boy. Not sure if that is good or bad)

Kaylor Bethanie(How original. They change one letter of a popular name)

Khayton Allen(boy)(Maybe it's a bad spelling/typo for Clayton?)

Triplets: Shelby, Sheriton, and William (The boys always get better names)

Karsen Brooke(Another girl with a boy's name. )

Lawstin Chaos(His parents need to be punished severely)

Leightyn Nan(Another misspelled boy's name on a girl)

Brockway Wilson(Pretentious)

Legacie Anea(Hope she lives up to her name)

Ezra Gray(Pick up a bible! Ezra is not a female name. Neither is Gray, but whatever)

Severn Ann-Michelle(This one really shocked me. Severn is too masculine even for a boy. It sounds like a name for a romance novel character)

Constant Joy(::rolls eyes)

Thunder Blue (Not the name of a race horse. It's a baby boy)

Spirit MaKenzie (We got the spirit! Yeah, yeah. We got what what what etc)

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