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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Just your random hideous names

Aydan Serenity (Some clueless parents think male names can be made feminine if the name is misspelled.) As for the middle name

October Grace (This kid was born in July. )

Gates Michael (Can we say pretentious?)

Andlee David (One parent probably wanted Andrew and the other Lee so they gave the kid an ugly made up name that he will always have to explain. "No, it's not Andy short for Andrew. It's Andlee!" )

Zander Montana (His Mom must have been a Buffy fan. She probably had a crush on Xander. It's Xander, not Zander! No boy's name should ever contain "ana or anna")

Indianna Breeze (Suggestions for a sibling.. Florida Hurricane, Kansas Tornado, Utah Snow, New York Sleet, Montana Blizzard, Texas Hail etc)

Avery Don (Not only does she have two male names, she also has a hick middle name. Way to go parents!)

Daryn Marie (Her Dad is Darren of course. Obviously, The "y" makes it "girly". Mr. Ego Dad couldn't wait to get a son. He had to name his daughter after himself. Why would a woman allow this? There is no way the Dad would allow his son to be called Lisa after the Mom. )

Taden Michael (Because Taden is so different from the thousands of babies named Aidan, Braden, Jaden, Caden, Hayden ...)

Mystik Watters ( Mom decided to go ahead and give her the perfect stage name for when she takes after Mom and becomes a stripper.)

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