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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Everly Taylor Arnay(girl)
Aidenrose(The parents stuck the rose there so you'll know she's a girl)
Breaze Reanne
Cambrien Gene(boy)(Is that a prescription drug?)
Dymiracle A'Rine Leane(girl)
K'dan Hughes
Logan Lorraine(girl)
MaKayleigh Rochelle
Mystical Makenzie(girl)
Nadalley Rae-Dean(I think The first name is supposed to be Natalie)
Pharoah Hesquew Vernon(boy)
Sunshyne Mae
Anistan Leigh(girl)
Carder Mattix(boy)
Miangel Imunique(Translation: My angel, I'm unique. )
Promise Faith
D'Zyre Jhanae(Her sisters are D'Nesha and D'Nahsa)
Kerrigan Grayce
Shylynn Elizabeth Kekahaloa
Zytoddlaina Renise
Brenlyn Sue
Karter Lynn(girl)
Claritey Anne
Kipton Eli
Kross DeLeon
Mystic Renee
Sway Ashton Knight
Tasten Blake(Sounds perverted)
Carsyn Mirielle(girl)
Akkadian Draconius Elijah
Brecklynn McCall(girl)
Bricklund Paul
Canyon Powell
Chalet Lynn(girl)
Meladee Danielle
Reg Rave
Aiden Kelly(girl)
Berklee Jo(girl)
Braxton Jane
Brighton Elli(girl)
Dreysin Scott
Empress Imani
Gentry Ella(Gentry means a group of gentlemen)
Hutton Cody
Maddizyn Julie(One of the worst spellings of Madison I've ever seen)
Minor David
Sash LeBron(boy)
Tyce Austin
Tyton Chad
Truth Dezire(Can we say, porno name?)
Hux Ridge
Austynn Sky(girl)
Betty Jane(What year is it again?)
Caprice Ellen
Carnation Chyanne
Eppifany Faith
Kristian-Kara Antoinette-Oddessy
Lexington Karina
Maddie-ann Elizabeth
Marlowe Lucia
Mirage Aylee(girl)
Phoebe James Riley(A girl, I think....)
Sarahnity Rose Rahnea Autmn
Storm Lela
Tayden Dion
Trenidy Reagan(girl)

Friday, April 07, 2006

Adabelle Douglis
Braylee Maree (Bray=sound a donkey makes)
Carsyn Ryann (misspell it all you want, it's still a boy's name)
Germany J'Wayne(boy)
Gigilynn (reminds me od giggling)
Kaplin Allen(boy)
Kowan McCartney
Maysen Allen(girl) (See Carsyn Ryann)
Major Jefferson-Kane (Sounds like a civil war dude)
Chaz Aniya(girl) (Chaz is short for Charles!)
Logan Blair(girl) (So not a girl's name)
Spirit Ticara (Why are people naming their kids spirit? Do they realize that a spirit is a ghost as in a dead person? eww!)
Emagin Elaine
Abcde(A girl. I've actually see this "name" before. People think it's an urban legend. It's not. :*(
Asteria Vyla Ember
Averilynn Maecey
Blue Thomas (Poor little Thomas is sad)
Britain Ace(boy)
Cadyn Ashley(girl) (So many girl's with misspelled boy names)
Daryl Blue(girl) (Daryl isn't even cute on a boy)
Decatur James
Keygan Mikelle(girl) :::sighs:::
Kimble Rose (More girl's with boy names)
Kinlee Kyle Brook(girl) ::sighs again::
Paxten Laurel(girl) ::cries::
Shayden Rae(girl) ::laughs::
Takoda Delia (A male Native American name on a girl)
Thorn Ravencroft (Perfect name for a guy in a historical romance novel)
Xzanthapy Alice (What the heck?)
LoriLorraine Duran (LOL! )
Beckin Hall(boy)
G'Avauntay RayShawn(boy)
Prince-Jadon Xavier
Rance Alan(Reminds me of Rancid)
Reef Stephen (Hope his parents are fans of the reef from the ocean and not the other kind)
Texas Casanova(I am so not kidding)
Aybree Michelle
Bishop Daniel
Creed Vaughn
Daveigh Luselvia Adel
Dynestie Dannyelle
Ethyn Billie (I'm suprised it was a boy. Girls usually get the stupid misspelled names)
Jewl Lee
Jubilee Brizette
Ripley Jaylene(girl)
Sequin Lenell(I predict her "work uniform" will consist of many sequins)
Aidyn Jacson
Hayloe Nathan (Put down the video games now!)
Heaven Lee
Henessey Alizay(girl)(Named after two kinds of booze)
Pepper Ray(girl)(Yikes)
Sincere Dana Danielle (She's no liar)
Bettyjo Penelope (Bettyjo? Does anyone hear this and not think hick?)
Caydin Patric(His brothers are Braedon and Aiden)
Ception Amri(girl)
Gardner Anne-Marie(Gardner? Why not? Occupation names are big these days. How about Janitor for a sister. Jan or Janny for short)
Kaidyn Rania(girl)
Spirit Deja' Louis(girl)
Sypress Marie
Wyntr Renee
Majesty Elise
A'Caedence Ye'Nique
Brashton Lee
Camberleigh Rynne(girl)
Camden Faith
Camdyn Mae
Chanlee Makayden(girl)
Channing Lee(girl)
Graylyn Michell(girl)
Kadyn Elizabeth
Ka'dynne Aabrie-Ann
Kanyon Riley
Kenzington Faith
Mazzie-Rain Larissa
Peytience Glory
Starletta LaChelle
Taiden Isaiah Michael

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Grayson Mia (verese the names and you have: Me's a gray son)
Hayden Maria (Well, Maria is nice for a girl)
Oasis Marie (Oasis is just weird)
Aasyn Giovanni(boy) (a sin?)
Blakeney Kathryn (can we say pretentious?)
Cambry June(girl) (Where are people getting Cambry from?)
Driver Maddox(girl) (Can't believe it's a girl)
Kaedyn Nichole
Peace Destiny(girl) (Nice message, not so nice as a name)
Poetry(girl)(which her parents have never read in their lives)
Treasure Believe(She has a sibling named Journey)
Fanci(Her Mama has been watching NBC's Passions)
Honey Bryana

Memphis Blue(boy)(Sister is Alabama/Mom is Dallas)
(Suggestions for future siblings: Louisana, Charleston, Chicago, Texas, Wyoming..)
Rustin Keith (Rusting?)
Salem Marie (For the cigarettes or the town where they burned witches?)
Sunnye Jo(girl) (Suhn NYE? Duh... It should be spelled Sunny or Sunnie)
Auckland Taeao(boy) (Auckland? Wow..)
Cassatt(girl)(Let me guess.. They're calling her Cassie)
Nile River(boy) (Bet his parents can't find it on a globe)
Omaega Unique(not sure of the gender. Doesn't matter.)
Precious Rose (Precious is such a poodle's name)
Prince Adonis (I hope he doesn't grow up to be a scrawny little nerd)
Sixto Kaedyn Griffin(Brother is Kamyren and sister is Kahlea)
Shaylyce LaPorsha
Archer Sadie(girl)(So shocked to see Archer on a girl)
Beautiful Alexandria Marie (I hope she is beautiful)
Caeden Tru(boy)(Tru is the newest celeb baby name)
Camdyn Elizabeth (No matter how you spell it, Camden is not a girl's name0
Jynnasis Leigh (Why the misspelling? It's not like Genesis is that popular)
Kal-el Alexander (Stop naming your kids after super heroes!)
KleeAnna Rene (Klee what?)
Lovely Mary (Cousin to Beautiful?)
Pearla Princessa (Yikes.. Give her something she can work with)
Rocky Jay
Sailor Thomas (Will grow up to hate ships and anything to do with the water)
Dylan Lexi(girl)
Kailen Jerald Railee(boy) (Couldn't believe it was a boy until I saw the Jerald)
Brae Scott(boy)
Carson Lydia
Dayme'un Julio(I think that's Damian)
Majesty Ariana Nicole (Majesty is a good name for a casino)
Syprus Victoria (Looks like syrup with that spelling)
Yaharmony Jamora
Tuff Nikolas Colt (Will become best buds with Prince Adonis after they meet in group therapy)
Campbell Morgan(girl)
Ocean Zachary (Not sounding so bad compared to the other ones)
Symphany Leilani
Braydn Rawly(girl) (What on Earth will they name a boy?)
Royal Blue(boy)
Tygir Jay (Tiger?)
Beautifullskhiye Chantroya(Beautiful skye? They're really going to call her that?)
Carsyn Elizabeth
Colsten Zane(His brothers are Crosley and Cannon)
Quade Allen
Sidda Moon(Named for Mom's favorite book/movie and Dad's favorite video game)
Stormy Andrew Thomas
Hayden Michelle Dawn(Sisters are Maciah, Danielle, McKenzie(Danielle got lucky))