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Friday, December 30, 2005

More bad names from 2005

Walter "Hatchet" Avery
Dior King
Jersilyn Francis
Bostyn Keahi(A girl. Her brother is named Brooklyn)
Kayejaye Marie
Bracyn Robert Douglas
Kayden Naomi
Zeland Paul
Mckella Francesca
Ramsie Elise
Memphis Riley (A girl)
Freedom Love (A girl)
Mi'Angel Da'Shnae
Mckensleigh Raylien
Sheldyn Kate(Ok, Sheldon is a dorky name for a boy. It's not any better on a girl)
Mahogany Crystal(hahahahaha!)
Loghan Jade(A girl of girl. That "h" adds a feminine touch)
Bettie-Don Jane(:::Cries:::)
Montana Cheyenne-Tara(Parents are obessed with the old west and Gone with the wind)
Espn Alexander(Gee, I wonder what Dad's favorite channel is?)
Aphiphany Anissa
MycKenna Skye(A girl.)
Cayden Olivia
Hunter Lenette(A girl)
Kenner Joelle(A girl)
Fable Madelyne(So, she's not real?)
Austyn Machelle
Jersey Mickenna (A girl)
Logan Lee-Ann

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Worst name of 2005

Ah'justice Armagedon
I am confident that I will not find another name worse than this one before the new year. The baby is a boy btw.

Merry Christmas

The parents of these kids should get nothing but coal in their stockings!

Ta'Niya and Ta'Nya(Look, twins with like the same name. How kyute)
Eastlynn Kilihune Aiko(Girl)
Button Joseph(His real name)
Maple Fawn(A girl, not a type of deer)
Jaimesyn Delilah(:::Pukes:::)
Hateya Raye(A girl. Pronounced like hah TEEY yah maybe? :(
King Jay(You heard it hear first. Another King is born)
Treyton Dreamson(It's nice that he's their dream son but was that really necessary?)
Princess Angelina(Maybe she'll grow up to marry King Jay)
Messiah Domingo(Maybe he'll grow up to...)
Hennessy Liana(Named for alcohol. )
Kayden Lynn(A girl)
Jedlynn(A girl)
Grayson Margaret
Kanyen Ann(First female Canyon I've seen)
Shawn-Nevaeh Isaac(Not the first boy Nevaeh I've seen)
De'Priest Clyde(Mmmkay)
Jaquan and Jashawn(Will grow up to marry Ta'Nya and Ta'Nia)
Macaelyn Marie(Because Caelyn isn't crappy enough)
Kaydan Savannah
Ace Franklin
Dynasty Zharnae(Because we all want the word nasty in our name)

Mollye-Marie Carlee
So many things wrong with this one...

  1. Molly is an old nickname of Mary. Marie is the French form of Mary. Her name is basically Mary Mary.
  2. Mollye looks stupid.
  3. 3. Carlee looks stupid.
  4. All the names end in the eee sound.

Graceon Olive(Haven't seen this crappy spelling before)
Talon McKrae(Why talon? Why not just name him bird claw?)
Gracyn Alexandria(Can you tell this one is climbing the charts?)
Hayden Faye(Another girl with an ayden name)
Ixsicliz Damaries(A girl. Don't know what's going on there.)

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Craptacular names

Jermany Lathrill(A boy)
Kaedyn Bayleigh(girl)
McCoy Brian(Is he the real one?)
Aschlynn Nicole

Kamdin Taylor(girl)
Beautiful Unique Natique(No comment other than LOL! )
Keyth(A girl named Keith)
Syncere Sylvester
Nyrickious Javarous Leeon
Kamden Elise
Montana Lake(boy)
Rhyelyn Xzayvyier Thomas-Lucian(That's one kid. )
Luxury(A girl)
Logan Makenzie(girl)
CarDaizeon Tazarious Zalik
Fantasi Unique(Stripper name!)
Bristol Madison(A girl)
PhaDaidreana M'rquesha
Loyal Yah(He's like loyal to yah)
Flod'ereign Caragan(A girl)
Wilder Bailey(Future frat guy)
Kadyn Riley(Another girl)
Aiyhden Alekzandr(This name screams: MY PARENTS ARE MORONS!)
Chastyn Carter(A boy)
Sawyer Nadine(A girl)

Mckynley Jamison(A girl)
McKayne Avery(A girl)
Honey Love(Another stripper)
Breezie Raine Mckenzie(Crappy names galore)

Wyntur Dunee Nyvysa(A girl)
Tyson Michelle(A girl)
Leighton Michelle(A girl)

Kruiz Kentley(A girl)
Glamoura(This one screams:PORN STAR)
Crimson Alexis(Another little girl named for her Dad's favorite college football team)

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Just your everyday crappy names

Timberlyn Ann(Will be tired of the tiiimbuur jokes by the time she's in middle school)

Preshus Angel (Her mahmah is stooopihd)

Jaxon Aron-Gail (Could Jackson be going to the girls? )

Pryce Briann (Hooker jokes anyone? What's your price? )

Ellis Suzanne (Why do parents do this? You know she's going to be called Ellie so just name her Elizabeth, Eleanor, Elena, Ellen etc)

Ellison Caroline (See above)

Hercules Wayne-louales(Yeah, I always hated Wayne but it's looking good in this case)

Aidyn Magdalene (Aidan is going girl too)

Kamdyn Kay (::sigh::)

Breckyn Riley (Another girl)

Music BreAnn(File under weird)

Rowdy Thomas( File under my parents drink too much)

Heavenly Elizabeth (She'll be called Hellish when she's bad)

Wilder Ray(Ok, I know it's a surname but it so does not work for a first name)

Stormye Nyte (Stormye should pronounced stor MY. Morons)

Sacred Amir( mmmkay)

Paizley Jo Romaine (Paisley colored lettuce? No, it's a newborn girl)

Nautica Danyelle (Named for the clothes her Mama can't afford)

Aidyn Gwen (Fans of trendy names for boys take note. )

Cherokee Organa Starr( Organa? way too easy)

Queen Hannah Marie (File under annoying title names)

Thunder Hawk (Super hero?)

Maybelline Paige ( How retarded!)

Rogue Marie (WHAT????????? Maybe they were going for rouge not that it's any better...)

Kieryn McKinley(A girl. Apparently adding a "y" makes boy names into girls names. Lets try it... Dayvid, Jayson, Eryck, Danyull, Adym, ...)

Lexess Anna-Mae (Named for a car her parents can't afford and her Daddy's favorite type of porn. (Animae for the slow people)

Daja'Nique Emya (File under parents on drugs category)

Shawnee Kay Lynn (Stripper)

Kaedyn Mary (Future sisters: Hynry, Dynnys, Gyorj, Tomyss, Ethyn, Patryk)

E'magyne Charnae( E'magyne the teasing she's going to endure )

Recja'e Trinity Denise(Can't for the life of me figure out how the firtst name)

Kaiden Jessica(Already becoming so popular for girls it's boring me already.)

Bentli Meghan (The get bent jokes will never end)

Phallioan-marie Harris (Don't know what's going on there)

Memory Mae ( File under weird)

Cayden Grace (Yet another girl Caden)

Bentleigh Hie(See Bentli Meghan)

Blayde McKay( Hope he doesn't grow up to become a wuss)

Foxx Allen (Hope he's not ugly)

Theory Adonnis( Way too easy)

Emberlynn Grace(Her parents think Emberlynn means beautiful jewel. Parden me while I die laughing. )

Snowden (snowed in?)

Aidyn Elizabeth ( ::Cries::)

Anistyn Nicole ( See above)

Elvis Joris ( Yep)

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Really, really, really, really, really STUPID names

Brycelyn Hevanesance(girl)
Promise Grace
Chancey Kate
Nevada Catherine
Amandalyn Mildred
Brayliegh Linnett
Hayzin Robert
Driver Ron-Thomas(Brother is Rayce)
Tupac Devontae
Sequoia Rain Christine
Tyde Lewis
Secret Lynn
Jasic Blade Tacohma
Jeweliette Ida Jade
Disney Ann
Aniston Jolene
Tynlee Aubri Seanee(girl)
Hennessy Torshai(boy)

Thursday, December 01, 2005

If you won't name your son Anna, don't name your daughter Michael!

These are baby girls..

Mattingly Rose
Flannery Rose
Kaylen Mikel
Maclaren Marie
Bradie Ann
Sheldyn Lyndsey
Haidyn Elizabeth
Preston Louise
Mayson Gracie
Finleigh Grace
Logan Averie