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Monday, November 28, 2005

Macalaigh Grace (If you're going to misspell a name, at least do it in a way that it makes some kind of sense)
Auburn (A baby girl born in Alabama. Wonder which team her Daddy is a fan of? )
Colt Williams (Named for a gun a horse or a maybe a can of cheap beer)
Makinze Marie (K. Makinze would be pronounced mah KYNZ. Try hooked on phonics. Please!)
Slayton Patrick (What's wrong with Clayton? A normal name. You can call him Clay. Are they really going to call their son Slay?)
Ridge Maddox (Mama watches too many soap operas)
Greenley Paige (See above)
AnnAngel Precious Michael (That's how is was written. I'm praying that Michael was supposed to be Michaela but there wasn't enough room. The rest of the name is too sad to even make fun of)
Riggs Kade (He's a "tuff" guy for sure)
Grayson Hope (Yes, this is a baby girl. )
Hartley Olivia (I wonder if her parents know that a hart is male deer)
Mattison Nychole (Oh how unique! It's Madison Nicole only spelled stupid)
Kannon Page (This is a baby girl. I feel like crying)
Mayson Joy (Another girl with a boy's name)
Love Skylon (Poor baby)
Dash Diezell (Sounds like a super hero)
Tyde Alexander (Also born in Alabama. Maybe he's Auburn's cousin)
Kaidin Elizabeth(Soon to be parents of baby boys take note. This one is going girl)
Aniston Rayne (Another Alabama baby. Aniston is a city in AL but that doesn't make it right)
Carribean(A boy probably named for the place where he was conceived. Aboard a cruise ship in the Carribean)
Ramsey Elaine (Another girl with a boy's name)
Rustin Alexander (Rusting? Whatever)
Kendyn Paislee (Future stripper)
Makinleigh Nicole (See above)
Locklan (Ok people. Now you're making me angry. Lochlan/Lachlan is a classic Scottish BOY's name. It is not a girl's name. Got it?)
Kasi Sue jr (This is a girl apparently named after her mother. I'm all for girls being named for Mom, but girls are not juniors!)
Finley Sophie (See Locklan and change Scottish to Irish)
Heavenly Skyy (Another stripper)
Mi'Racle Penne Destiny (Penne like the pasta?)

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Acton Mladen (Boy)

Sire-Matthew (These title names are obnoxious)

Sir-Omar De-Shan (See above)

Sir Dwaine(Ditto)

Anna-Frank(A girl. I don't know what's going on there)

Berlynn Renee(Named after a place her parents can't locate on a map)

Friday Walter(That's just weird)

Finlay Paige(A girl) (How many times do I have to tell you people? Finlay is not a girl's name. If a celeb named their kid buttface would you do it too? Who I am kidding? They probably would)

Stone Joseph(His siblings are Marc, Rene, and Sophia. ???)

Le'land Hughdonald Lamar(That's just mean.)

Jet James(What's wrong with Brett or Rhett? Normal names that sound similar and won't result in your kid getting beaten up everyday of his life.)

Ayden Silivia(Misspelled, but still a boy's name.)

Nivanette Lexis (Nivanette sounds like a cheap hairspray. Lexis is a stripper's stage name)

Bridttenelly Dayanarrie(A girl)(Her parents don't even know how to spell her name)

Aveness Halle(A girl)

Talan Raymond(He's either name for a bird's claw or that dude from Laguna Beach)

Bing Crosby(I am so not kidding)

Cinnamon Kaniyah(Her sister's name is Honee)

Cadyn Raymond(Misspelling his name won't change the fact that he'll have at least 5 other classmates with the name. Boys and girls)

Watson Charles (Can we say pretentious?)

Ayden Montana(A boy) (Couldn't they give him one decent name?)

Nixon Gage(Presidential surnames are big right now. Somehow I don't see this one catching on)

Campbell Walker (A girl! AHHHHHHHHHHH! What a crappy name for a girl)

Prince King'kingro(Ohhhkayy)

Tyelr Ryan(It's crappy Tyler misspelled)

Treydon Ricker(Trey, but crappier. Ricker?)

Jolene Cassidy(What a David Cassidy/Dolly Parton fan names her kid)

Bintzen Maddux(A boy. I'm guessing that Bintzen is a creative spelling of Benson?)
Cutter Ashton(Perfect name for the star of a slasher flick)
MacKenzie Brayden(One boy's name isn't manly enough for their baby girl)
Logan Elizabeth(Aww, isn't Logan kyoot for a girl?)
Telquavious De'Taun(Sounds like an exotic fish)
Tyler Giselle(Taylor is so dunzo for girls but Tyler is like hip y'all)
Renvy Dorenda(Weird)
Chansley Rose(She'll be called Chanse no doubt)
Swayze Jaymes(The only's a boy)
Kayleighonia Chevelle(Fun with vowels)
Jubilee Shianne(Destined to live in a trailer)
Logan Olivia(Parents take note. This one is going to the girls)
Sawyer(Another girl with a boy's name)
Jacquobi(Another girl)
Deuce Eziah(A boy with a stupid name. )
Kambryn Karis(A girl with a made up name)
Brynndelyn Grace
Logen(a girl)
Lynkyn( boy)
Mattyline Billie Hope (Hey y'all, I'm like destined to live in a trailer.)
Brayleigh Denise (Again with the donkey names)
Miami Kay (Mmmkaay)
Kenzington Dawn (A misspelled upper class area. How tacky)
Ninja Maddox (Yeah, I'm so not kidding.)
Bentleigh Madisen (Another pretentious name. We know you live in a trailer)
Myckael Anakyn (So dreadful)
Jaxon Grace (Yes, this is a girl. )
Wrigley Geraldine (Yep, another girl)
Jakeup (Not a form of hiccups.. It's a horrible version of Jakob/Jacob)
Casstor Memphis (So sad)
Kyndal Alistaire(Like Kyndal isn't bad enough, they had to give her another boy's name for her middle name. )
Im'unique (No you're not. You're parents are just stupid)
Nirvana(girl) (Named for an over rated band)

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Kaystin Brae(A girl)
Hyde Kimball(a boy)
Tanner Tyler (pick an occupation and go with it!)
Chasen Miles (Who's chasing him?)
Pearson Alexis (A girl. Seriously, it's a girl)
Quantanaija Dijanae (Parents on drugs?)
Crimson Nicole (Named after her Daddy's favorite college team no doubt)
Graceyn Rae (Cause they can call her Gracey.. It's so different from Grace.)
Houston Shockley (Sounds like a racehorse)
Stiletto Monroe (A boy and I am so not kidding)

Now they're naming kids after....


Hemi Kyndall (A girl)

Other crappy names:

Nico Elizabeth (Nico is not a girl's name!)

Daytona Rose (I'm guessing Daddy is a NASCAR fan )

Madigan (Like Madison only crappier)

Slaedyn Blue (This name makes me think of slaying blue dragons)

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Mystery Veil(What she'll be wearing to hide her shame)

Mattingly and Chantelle(Twins girls. Looks like one was supposed to be a boy)

Ollie Mae (Sounds like something from the Beverly Hillbillies)

Tayden Reed (That's going to sound great on a man)

Raeden Leigh (This one is a girl)

Murphy Avery (A girl. ::shakes head:: )

Zepplyn Kyle (Will to go by Kyle. )

Anastyn Carlene (Another hillbillie?)

Runner Michael (Why not jogger? Jogging is very hip these days)

Braelin Lee(A boy)(Will go by Brae which is the sound a donkey makes(Bray)

Lake Adley(A boy. His brothers are Blake, Drake and Dylan. Want to guess which one has a different Daddy?)

Pachenz(A girl. I think they were going for patience)

Maddox McKinley (A girl. She's named after Mad oxen and a mountain)

Russia Angelle (Her sister is named Commie no doubt)

Kyler Ann(Like Kyle, but with the -er it's even kuter for a girl)

Poppy Moon(Couldn't tell if it was a boy or a girl. Doesn't matter though, does it?)

Pearlie Marie( As if Pearl wasn't ugly enough)

Gladysanna Evelyn( A newborn with a 90 year old's name)

Kowen Clinton(Named for a TV show and a crappy ex prez)

Ivieoghene Hanna(Yeah, I don't know what that is)

Gaylord DePriest(I don't even know what to say.)

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Kennasyn(A girl)

O'hara Ann

Sunshine Breeze(A girl)

Katrina Marie Regina Storm

Swayzee Nicole

Echo Faith

Mystik Virginia

Chezney Jilette

Braedyn Ruby Sophia

Priest Emmanuel

Dragon Cade

Maddex Delena Rae(A girl)

Khyler Emerson

Morrison Heidi

Paghtyn(Supposed to be Peyton)

Iowa Skye(girl)

Brecker Scott

Payson Hub

Truth Cynmara-Cai

Rustin Franc

Amiracle Ciara

Crimson Jordan(boy)

Crimson Lei(girl)

Shelton Kayton(boy) His sisters are Logan and Mykel

Truley Alexis

Langley Gray(girl)

Ridge Stewart

Hudson Gabrielle

Tru Anne

Kelbre Elise

Drendalinn Aleece Skylyn

Dreyten Thomas

Hennessy Julia

Jensen June