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Monday, February 20, 2006

lots of crappy names

Campbelle Michelle
Ae'Shione Anthony
Andrawlane Princess
Celebrity(This is the name of a newborn baby girl)
Cithandra Kevilyn
Eternity Dawn(Such an oxy moron)
Gracyn Ann(Her sister is Camryn)
Jewelia Lee
Legend Stone(Sounds like an item in a video game)
Maddalee Michelle Jean
Myka Seven(girl)
Promyse Cabria
Quinnlynn Sue
Rumour Isabella
Warrior Braxton
Logan McKenzie(girl)
Dylin Ruth
Haiden Grace
Evan Lee(girl)
Holland Campbell(girl)
Kellyn West(girl)
Paxton Elizabeth
Campbell Kate
Deshyla-Maree Laureen
Kyndal Ripley(girl)
O'Shaunessey Gedeon Howell
Cutler Jackson
Ellason Grace
Ember Keaton(girl)
Hayden Nichole(There were two girls with this name)
Palmer Elizabeth
Thorne Alexander
Atticus Furious
Billiana Lucy
Hagan Jhett(His brothers are Hunter and Hudson)
Kaiden Snow(girl)
Kambryn Lee(boy)
Rhyne Jeanette
Sailer Joan
Skylyn Ava
Tyernye Tailer(girl)
Lucky Zane
Aliefaloefapefa Isabel
Bishop-Amer Lee
Braelin Emmaleigh
Camden Grace
Chaisley Marie
Chamberlin Joy
Destrie Jaylee(girl)
EddyAnna Daniel Faith(Girl)
Emmersyn Mackenzie(girl)
Garland Miller
Harlem Ray
Heavenlee Lynnette
Hennessy Ashley(girl)
Holland Sue
Jadealyn Neveah
Kayden Ann
Luckiea Jenee(girl)
Messiah Jarrell
Mickey Darell(not related to the Messiah)
Otis Octiaver
Peewee Eduard(I am praying that it's not really his name)
Presley Reed(girl)
Sincere Joel Amir
Star Melody-Lashae
Sterling Royal
Symphony Tiamot(girl)
Tallon Marie
Winthrop Rockefeller(Can we say pretentious?)
Yhocennce Serennytie
Ramsey Renee(girl)
Riley Spencer(girl)

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Trinatie Oralie
Amen Osiris(boy)
Auryn Elizabeth
Chanttle Javyonnce Danae
Cherokee Olivia
D'Majestee(not sure if it's a girl or a boy)
Haven Noel(girl)
Journey-Lynn Rose
Mavryk Banks
Na'Braylin Jakeese-Wayne(boy)
Treffen Scott
Shantalichy Shonta Lafaye(girl)
Amyracle Da'Cheryl
Donningtun Quincy-Charles
E'nhyjia Jh'ne(Girl)Sister is Dia'mhireyeh Ray'Chion
Fantasia La'Sha
Khydun Tyler
Tayten Eric James
Turner Grace
Brailey Ray(girl)
Richstine Tinniessee(Her parents are Christine and Richard. I kid you not)
Rhodes Kiessling(This a girl. Her sister's name is Reagan. )
Brownley Caton(Boy)
Covington Carmen(Boy)
E'Niquechi Mosaic(Boy)
Gryffin McKinley(Girl)
Portlynn Nicole
Atlantis Ciara
Kaylee and Haylee(Dumb twin names)
Kaidyn Alishtin Lynn(Girl)
Kadyn Ilene
Sydahlei Raelynn
Maeson Frances(Girl)
Remington Taylor(girl)
Chaydan Tyler
Buchanan Ridge(His brother is named Richmond)
Emi-Lee Hughes(Girl)
Gracyn McKenna(Girl)
Hadyn Avery(Girl)
Mayson Elle(Girl)
Ocean Macie Shyanne
Tayton Parker(boy)
Wynter Skye

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Amor Syriana(As soon as I saw the name of the movie, Syriana I knew some idiots would name their daughters Syriana)

Chaseden David(Sounds like someone with bad grammar trying to say Chasing David)

Connor McKinley(Sadly, this is a girl)

Darrien Tre (His sister is Dariona. This Dad is Darren)

AndieJo (A baby girl whose Mom is named Bobbie Jo)

Dawsyn David (Dawson means son of David. Take it from there...)

Emberlynn Elaisha

Kaylee-Joe Leilani

Mykenzie Kay-Lee

Rylynn Jo

Sagellyn Ann

Shadow Nichole

Apple-Madisyn Rose(This one made me LOL)

Havana Marie

Ledge Landon

Taylor-Jo Jean

Sisaleigh Ann(Cecily is what they were probably going for)

Amyrakle Neveah(If she's such a miracle, how come they gave her such a crappy name?)

Maddox Eve(Yes, they're using Maddox for girls now)

Naughtya Nycolle (She's not your Nicole)

Sir-Markus Antoine

Tennessen Marie Louise(My guess is Tennyson)

Ticeon Michael(Translates to Tyson)

CheCota Kaylynn(girl)

Chiye'anne Leenise Maschay

Kassydee Paige

1-Ne'Shun Emanuel(Great. Now they're using numbers in names)

Bobbi Anna

Bre'land Xadrien(boy)

Ceeya Kymesha (See ya later)

Heavenly Sky

Makaylyn Sue

Ty'Trevonne Da'Maraquez

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Cash Jay
Beca James(James is not a girl's name! And it's Becca short for Rebecca not as a given name)
Boston Andrea(girl)
Thyme Ann
Emerson Yvette
Brogan Elizabeth(Named after a boot)
Alijonique Nevaeh(girl)
Jubilee Hope
Kadance Adora-Rayne
Kynan Anakin(Siblings are Adlai, Ayden, and Mandi)
Phox William
Randyn Arsen
Rebecky Lakeisha(Yeah, this is so sad. Maybe her Mom was going for Rebecca and wanted to call her Becky but she got confused)
Sunnie June
Tessalyn Kella
Treysen Kaeo(Tracing what?)
Blayk Skylar(Since most trendy girl names are misspelled these days it's only fair if the parents jump on that bandwagon with their son's names)
Kash Quince(boy)
Tighan Cissylia Raie(girl)
Alyc Bradley
Anthony and Antonio(Fine names, but it's the same name. They're twins, they already share so much. Give them their own names!)
Lexus Nicole
Maddox Lee(Girl)
Maverick Aiden Cash
Precious Mya
Prior James
Scoute Nicole
Shawntonio Dorion RaShawn
Shawn'Yce Latrease(girl)
Ah'Vaughn Dana'ge(boy)
Farriyonna Quin'niya
Kiedrych Elias
Bobby Joe Damien
D'Queen(Could the parents be using the apostrophe in the correct way? Is she named for her Mom's favorite ice cream place? )
Essence Mo'nay
Grimly Angelus(I am blown away by the first name. Do the parents not own a dictionary? Do they hate their kid?)
Haidyn Elle(girl)
Legacy Ann Marie
Mahleigh Dawn(What's wrong with Molly?)
Sawyer Bray(girl)(Named for a big, burly guy that cuts down trees. And the sound a donkey makes.)
Kreyton David
Ericson(Dad is Eric)
Echo Sol Blankley(girl)
Kammrin Joseph

Friday, February 03, 2006

Hey hillbilly....

Ok, I love that song , but these names are so "hillbilly" it's not even funny.

Frankie Jo(girl)
Sissy Jo
Codi Marie
Lottie Ashlynn(girl)
Billie Reese(girl)
Naughtina Jolee Paige
Kelbi Joseph(Boy)
Sophi James(Her dad's name is James of course. )
Brayleigh Grace
Brighton Michelle
Makenzzee Lynnndalee
Shayden Alexia
Cutler Lyman
Abree Marie(Not to be confused with the hundreds of girls and boys named Avery)
Bentley McKay(girl)
Hayden Drew(girl)
Kaestin Jack
Mykell Christine(Michael is not a girl's name!!!! I don't care if you change the spelling and alter the prounciation slightly. It's still a boy's name!)
Stine Anthony Lewis
Sunkia Dove
Taitann Gracee
Aidyn Erika
Makynlie Lyn
Seathyn(boy)(The parents have got to be heard of hearing if they actually think that name sounds good)
Talladega Joseph(Ok, your parents are NASCAr freaks. How about Dale, Jeff, Tony?)
Koyote Lee(a boy, not an animal)