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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Colorado Babies With Crappy Names

Montanna Elizabeth
(Another stupid state name)
Shine James
(Shine? As in moonshine his Daddy loves so much?)
Kagen Michael

Inocencia Lynn
(I realize that this is probably an Ethnic name or a religious name. I still think it's terrible. )
Rune Alexander

Berkeley Jo
(Another girl with a hideous masculine name)
Jaymason Willis
(Translation: Jamison)
Macye Lynn
(Translation: Macie)
Gracyn Sara
(Another girl with a misspelled boy's name)
Pryce Kindt-Couture
(Yeah, it's a boy. That's all I know)
Reece and Kreityn
(Twin girls. One with a boy's name and the other apparently named Cretin.)
Samwise Delwyn
(Ok, listen up parents. If you don't like Samuel or Samson, just name your kid Sam. Please don't name him after a fictional character.)
Beck Skye
(He'll think it's as cool and unique as Mom and Dad do until they start calling him Becky)

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