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Monday, February 20, 2006

lots of crappy names

Campbelle Michelle
Ae'Shione Anthony
Andrawlane Princess
Celebrity(This is the name of a newborn baby girl)
Cithandra Kevilyn
Eternity Dawn(Such an oxy moron)
Gracyn Ann(Her sister is Camryn)
Jewelia Lee
Legend Stone(Sounds like an item in a video game)
Maddalee Michelle Jean
Myka Seven(girl)
Promyse Cabria
Quinnlynn Sue
Rumour Isabella
Warrior Braxton
Logan McKenzie(girl)
Dylin Ruth
Haiden Grace
Evan Lee(girl)
Holland Campbell(girl)
Kellyn West(girl)
Paxton Elizabeth
Campbell Kate
Deshyla-Maree Laureen
Kyndal Ripley(girl)
O'Shaunessey Gedeon Howell
Cutler Jackson
Ellason Grace
Ember Keaton(girl)
Hayden Nichole(There were two girls with this name)
Palmer Elizabeth
Thorne Alexander
Atticus Furious
Billiana Lucy
Hagan Jhett(His brothers are Hunter and Hudson)
Kaiden Snow(girl)
Kambryn Lee(boy)
Rhyne Jeanette
Sailer Joan
Skylyn Ava
Tyernye Tailer(girl)
Lucky Zane
Aliefaloefapefa Isabel
Bishop-Amer Lee
Braelin Emmaleigh
Camden Grace
Chaisley Marie
Chamberlin Joy
Destrie Jaylee(girl)
EddyAnna Daniel Faith(Girl)
Emmersyn Mackenzie(girl)
Garland Miller
Harlem Ray
Heavenlee Lynnette
Hennessy Ashley(girl)
Holland Sue
Jadealyn Neveah
Kayden Ann
Luckiea Jenee(girl)
Messiah Jarrell
Mickey Darell(not related to the Messiah)
Otis Octiaver
Peewee Eduard(I am praying that it's not really his name)
Presley Reed(girl)
Sincere Joel Amir
Star Melody-Lashae
Sterling Royal
Symphony Tiamot(girl)
Tallon Marie
Winthrop Rockefeller(Can we say pretentious?)
Yhocennce Serennytie
Ramsey Renee(girl)
Riley Spencer(girl)


Myjic Believer said...

Putting myself out there, but I like some of the names on this list.

Gracyn Ann

Logan McKenzie(girl)= like it, but not on a girl

Kaiden Snow(girl)= like Kaiden, but not for girl

Emmersyn Mackenzie(girl)= I like Emmersyn

Ramsey Renee(girl)= like the Ramsey part

Riley Spencer(girl)= like Riley for girl; Spencer for boy

And on a different note:
Hennessy Ashley(girl) = is this for Jill Hennessy from Crossing Jordan I wonder?

Anonymous said...

i see very little wrong with a lot of these names. if you've seen them more than once, then maybe they aren't crappy after all.