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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Cash Jay
Beca James(James is not a girl's name! And it's Becca short for Rebecca not as a given name)
Boston Andrea(girl)
Thyme Ann
Emerson Yvette
Brogan Elizabeth(Named after a boot)
Alijonique Nevaeh(girl)
Jubilee Hope
Kadance Adora-Rayne
Kynan Anakin(Siblings are Adlai, Ayden, and Mandi)
Phox William
Randyn Arsen
Rebecky Lakeisha(Yeah, this is so sad. Maybe her Mom was going for Rebecca and wanted to call her Becky but she got confused)
Sunnie June
Tessalyn Kella
Treysen Kaeo(Tracing what?)
Blayk Skylar(Since most trendy girl names are misspelled these days it's only fair if the parents jump on that bandwagon with their son's names)
Kash Quince(boy)
Tighan Cissylia Raie(girl)
Alyc Bradley
Anthony and Antonio(Fine names, but it's the same name. They're twins, they already share so much. Give them their own names!)
Lexus Nicole
Maddox Lee(Girl)
Maverick Aiden Cash
Precious Mya
Prior James
Scoute Nicole
Shawntonio Dorion RaShawn
Shawn'Yce Latrease(girl)
Ah'Vaughn Dana'ge(boy)
Farriyonna Quin'niya
Kiedrych Elias
Bobby Joe Damien
D'Queen(Could the parents be using the apostrophe in the correct way? Is she named for her Mom's favorite ice cream place? )
Essence Mo'nay
Grimly Angelus(I am blown away by the first name. Do the parents not own a dictionary? Do they hate their kid?)
Haidyn Elle(girl)
Legacy Ann Marie
Mahleigh Dawn(What's wrong with Molly?)
Sawyer Bray(girl)(Named for a big, burly guy that cuts down trees. And the sound a donkey makes.)
Kreyton David
Ericson(Dad is Eric)
Echo Sol Blankley(girl)
Kammrin Joseph

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