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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Girl with boy names and other crappy goodness

Baylor Denise
Bentley Marie
Camdyn Sage(girl)
Kambell Cathryn
Texi Quinn(girl)
Chayse Ann
Sovanmoniveach Chavly(boy)
Aidan Thea(girl)
Austin Bailee(girl)
Brantlee Dyan(girl)
D'Ivry Shanelle Syriana
Haidyn Suzanne
Cricket Michel(girl)
Harvest Moon(A baby girl apparently named after a video game)
Braxton Leigh(girl)
Britleigh Ann
Dylan Elizabeth
Emerson Tate(girl)
Kwincee Latrell(even boys get horribly misspelled names these days)
O'Rhyen Jehovany Makai(boy)
Prairie Taylor(girl)
Tacoma Rayne(girl)
Sawyer Landry(girl)
Dylan Jean(girl)


Myjic Believer said...

First off, thanks for this blog. I love it. And I hope you don't mind if I comment and send a few bloggers your way. :-)

I agree with you about names. Although I do like "different" names...some names just go too far. Such as these:

Texi Quinn(girl) - Quinn is alright but what's with "Texi"? Is it suppose to be like "Tex" but "cutier"

Sovanmoniveach Chavly(boy)- I don't know how to say the first part.

Cricket Michel(girl)- maybe for a doll or even a nickname...

Harvest Moon- that's just wrong

Prairie Taylor(girl)- all I can think of is "Little House on the Prairie"

Now, can I tell you about a name I saw? It was Kyrum. I guess you say it "Kay" "Rum". It was on a day care sign so I don't know if it's boy or girl.

Jane said...

I'm glad you like the blog. :) I'm not a big fan of the trendy names especially the boy ones on girls but some are easier to take. I can deal with a Lindsay, but Ryan on a girl makes me want to scream. I have never heard of Kyrum. It could be an ethnic name or else it's just made up.

PlanetQueen said...

My sons name is on this list. I dnt mind, I knew it was wierd and that most ppl wouldnt get it. My beef is this- on the top of the page it says "Ive seen all of these names before". I challeng that! Lol Can u find me another Solstanice?