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Friday, February 03, 2006

Hey hillbilly....

Ok, I love that song , but these names are so "hillbilly" it's not even funny.

Frankie Jo(girl)
Sissy Jo
Codi Marie
Lottie Ashlynn(girl)
Billie Reese(girl)
Naughtina Jolee Paige
Kelbi Joseph(Boy)
Sophi James(Her dad's name is James of course. )
Brayleigh Grace
Brighton Michelle
Makenzzee Lynnndalee
Shayden Alexia
Cutler Lyman
Abree Marie(Not to be confused with the hundreds of girls and boys named Avery)
Bentley McKay(girl)
Hayden Drew(girl)
Kaestin Jack
Mykell Christine(Michael is not a girl's name!!!! I don't care if you change the spelling and alter the prounciation slightly. It's still a boy's name!)
Stine Anthony Lewis
Sunkia Dove
Taitann Gracee
Aidyn Erika
Makynlie Lyn
Seathyn(boy)(The parents have got to be heard of hearing if they actually think that name sounds good)
Talladega Joseph(Ok, your parents are NASCAr freaks. How about Dale, Jeff, Tony?)
Koyote Lee(a boy, not an animal)

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