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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Amor Syriana(As soon as I saw the name of the movie, Syriana I knew some idiots would name their daughters Syriana)

Chaseden David(Sounds like someone with bad grammar trying to say Chasing David)

Connor McKinley(Sadly, this is a girl)

Darrien Tre (His sister is Dariona. This Dad is Darren)

AndieJo (A baby girl whose Mom is named Bobbie Jo)

Dawsyn David (Dawson means son of David. Take it from there...)

Emberlynn Elaisha

Kaylee-Joe Leilani

Mykenzie Kay-Lee

Rylynn Jo

Sagellyn Ann

Shadow Nichole

Apple-Madisyn Rose(This one made me LOL)

Havana Marie

Ledge Landon

Taylor-Jo Jean

Sisaleigh Ann(Cecily is what they were probably going for)

Amyrakle Neveah(If she's such a miracle, how come they gave her such a crappy name?)

Maddox Eve(Yes, they're using Maddox for girls now)

Naughtya Nycolle (She's not your Nicole)

Sir-Markus Antoine

Tennessen Marie Louise(My guess is Tennyson)

Ticeon Michael(Translates to Tyson)

CheCota Kaylynn(girl)

Chiye'anne Leenise Maschay

Kassydee Paige

1-Ne'Shun Emanuel(Great. Now they're using numbers in names)

Bobbi Anna

Bre'land Xadrien(boy)

Ceeya Kymesha (See ya later)

Heavenly Sky

Makaylyn Sue

Ty'Trevonne Da'Maraquez

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