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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Beautiful Hazel Renee(I hope she is beautiful)
Blayke Lynn(girl)
Finland(boy)(Why are people naming their kids after countries? I don't get it)
Ganeston RayDale-Tre and Keanston RhonDale-Drey (can you tell they're twins? )
Irelynn Colleen
Jayclyn Alizae
Kayland D'Quinn(boy)
Solstanice Andrew Morrison(Solstanice sounds like a Pagan Holiday)
Andylynn Rose
Bailin Gray(boy)
Brinlie Blu(girl)
Channing Irene
Crockett Slade(Sounds like a soap opera character from the 80's)
Holt Ryan
Jentry Paige(girl)(Someone should have told the parents to look up the word Gentry)
Kambree Nashae(girl)
Kaybree Faith
Kayden Elise
Kayden Elizabeth
Kimberlynn Joy
Legend Isis(girl)(That's a lot to live up to)
McKynna Tomann Reese(girl)
O'Shelly Nicole
Payzlee Michelle (Paisley is bad enough, the misspelling is cruel)
Simplecity Marie (way too easy to tease)
Speight Bradley (What in the world is Speight?)
Tayton Benjamen
Zaden Scott
Zanden Daniel
Zayden Antwann(boy)
Breckyn Paige(girl)
Dantley Katelyn
Holt Dick (wow. Just wow.)
Jilliahnna Pearl
Jeighdynn Sara
Karsyn Elizabeth
Ph'Ness Deshawn(boy)(Good name for a stripper?)
Aiddan Rhonda-Gail
Anastyn Rose
Bayden Nathaniel
BraeLen Malaia-Amour(girl)
Harlem Lamar
Jazzton Dale(boy)
Kaiden Dale(girl)
Kal-el Michael
Kambric Joy(girl)(I don't think names that end in bric are suitable for girls)
Lolalita Christianna Arainia Rosetta (That's only one kid)
Macgyver Dale Tylen (Macgyver? Ha! Ha! That's silly)
Mayson Elizabeth
Novalie Paige (They're just making stuff up now)
Pleasure Andria (Worst name of the month?)
Rayelynn Carter
Reydyn Michael
Sadilynn Sidra
Tyrston Louis
Weatherly Joan (Weatherly sounds like the surname of a Prince in a Romance novel)
Butler Davis (What's next? Janitor? Maid?)
Caysen Rochelle
Dillynn Micah(boy)
Jewleen Chance(boy)
Lovelii Lachelle (Dumb name of course, but what's with the extra "i"?)
Sixx Jayla (I've seen Sixx and Seven. What, two isn't cool? They could spell it Tuu)
Capri De Wayne(boy)
Jewelie Lyn
Landyn Cary(girl)
Stormie Jade (Stormi is always going to sound like a horse's name to me)
Winter Divine
Wyseman Chase (I hope he grows up to be wise)
Cinzly Adyson(girl)
Shaeden Dainika
Ayvri Eileen
Gracie-Lace Marie (That doesn't even sound good)
Ireland Ann
JoDee Lynn
Kayton Jo(girl)
Maycen Paige(girl)
Raiden Michael
Stormi Mae
Ellyson Grace
Marlowe Grace
Shy-Anthony Cortez
Wrye Forrest(Brothers are Ridg, Ledg, Koiy, Teik)(The parents need to find another source to express their creativity )

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