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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Grayson Mia (verese the names and you have: Me's a gray son)
Hayden Maria (Well, Maria is nice for a girl)
Oasis Marie (Oasis is just weird)
Aasyn Giovanni(boy) (a sin?)
Blakeney Kathryn (can we say pretentious?)
Cambry June(girl) (Where are people getting Cambry from?)
Driver Maddox(girl) (Can't believe it's a girl)
Kaedyn Nichole
Peace Destiny(girl) (Nice message, not so nice as a name)
Poetry(girl)(which her parents have never read in their lives)
Treasure Believe(She has a sibling named Journey)
Fanci(Her Mama has been watching NBC's Passions)
Honey Bryana

Memphis Blue(boy)(Sister is Alabama/Mom is Dallas)
(Suggestions for future siblings: Louisana, Charleston, Chicago, Texas, Wyoming..)
Rustin Keith (Rusting?)
Salem Marie (For the cigarettes or the town where they burned witches?)
Sunnye Jo(girl) (Suhn NYE? Duh... It should be spelled Sunny or Sunnie)
Auckland Taeao(boy) (Auckland? Wow..)
Cassatt(girl)(Let me guess.. They're calling her Cassie)
Nile River(boy) (Bet his parents can't find it on a globe)
Omaega Unique(not sure of the gender. Doesn't matter.)
Precious Rose (Precious is such a poodle's name)
Prince Adonis (I hope he doesn't grow up to be a scrawny little nerd)
Sixto Kaedyn Griffin(Brother is Kamyren and sister is Kahlea)
Shaylyce LaPorsha
Archer Sadie(girl)(So shocked to see Archer on a girl)
Beautiful Alexandria Marie (I hope she is beautiful)
Caeden Tru(boy)(Tru is the newest celeb baby name)
Camdyn Elizabeth (No matter how you spell it, Camden is not a girl's name0
Jynnasis Leigh (Why the misspelling? It's not like Genesis is that popular)
Kal-el Alexander (Stop naming your kids after super heroes!)
KleeAnna Rene (Klee what?)
Lovely Mary (Cousin to Beautiful?)
Pearla Princessa (Yikes.. Give her something she can work with)
Rocky Jay
Sailor Thomas (Will grow up to hate ships and anything to do with the water)
Dylan Lexi(girl)
Kailen Jerald Railee(boy) (Couldn't believe it was a boy until I saw the Jerald)
Brae Scott(boy)
Carson Lydia
Dayme'un Julio(I think that's Damian)
Majesty Ariana Nicole (Majesty is a good name for a casino)
Syprus Victoria (Looks like syrup with that spelling)
Yaharmony Jamora
Tuff Nikolas Colt (Will become best buds with Prince Adonis after they meet in group therapy)
Campbell Morgan(girl)
Ocean Zachary (Not sounding so bad compared to the other ones)
Symphany Leilani
Braydn Rawly(girl) (What on Earth will they name a boy?)
Royal Blue(boy)
Tygir Jay (Tiger?)
Beautifullskhiye Chantroya(Beautiful skye? They're really going to call her that?)
Carsyn Elizabeth
Colsten Zane(His brothers are Crosley and Cannon)
Quade Allen
Sidda Moon(Named for Mom's favorite book/movie and Dad's favorite video game)
Stormy Andrew Thomas
Hayden Michelle Dawn(Sisters are Maciah, Danielle, McKenzie(Danielle got lucky))

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