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Friday, December 30, 2005

More bad names from 2005

Walter "Hatchet" Avery
Dior King
Jersilyn Francis
Bostyn Keahi(A girl. Her brother is named Brooklyn)
Kayejaye Marie
Bracyn Robert Douglas
Kayden Naomi
Zeland Paul
Mckella Francesca
Ramsie Elise
Memphis Riley (A girl)
Freedom Love (A girl)
Mi'Angel Da'Shnae
Mckensleigh Raylien
Sheldyn Kate(Ok, Sheldon is a dorky name for a boy. It's not any better on a girl)
Mahogany Crystal(hahahahaha!)
Loghan Jade(A girl of girl. That "h" adds a feminine touch)
Bettie-Don Jane(:::Cries:::)
Montana Cheyenne-Tara(Parents are obessed with the old west and Gone with the wind)
Espn Alexander(Gee, I wonder what Dad's favorite channel is?)
Aphiphany Anissa
MycKenna Skye(A girl.)
Cayden Olivia
Hunter Lenette(A girl)
Kenner Joelle(A girl)
Fable Madelyne(So, she's not real?)
Austyn Machelle
Jersey Mickenna (A girl)
Logan Lee-Ann

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