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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Craptacular names

Jermany Lathrill(A boy)
Kaedyn Bayleigh(girl)
McCoy Brian(Is he the real one?)
Aschlynn Nicole

Kamdin Taylor(girl)
Beautiful Unique Natique(No comment other than LOL! )
Keyth(A girl named Keith)
Syncere Sylvester
Nyrickious Javarous Leeon
Kamden Elise
Montana Lake(boy)
Rhyelyn Xzayvyier Thomas-Lucian(That's one kid. )
Luxury(A girl)
Logan Makenzie(girl)
CarDaizeon Tazarious Zalik
Fantasi Unique(Stripper name!)
Bristol Madison(A girl)
PhaDaidreana M'rquesha
Loyal Yah(He's like loyal to yah)
Flod'ereign Caragan(A girl)
Wilder Bailey(Future frat guy)
Kadyn Riley(Another girl)
Aiyhden Alekzandr(This name screams: MY PARENTS ARE MORONS!)
Chastyn Carter(A boy)
Sawyer Nadine(A girl)

Mckynley Jamison(A girl)
McKayne Avery(A girl)
Honey Love(Another stripper)
Breezie Raine Mckenzie(Crappy names galore)

Wyntur Dunee Nyvysa(A girl)
Tyson Michelle(A girl)
Leighton Michelle(A girl)

Kruiz Kentley(A girl)
Glamoura(This one screams:PORN STAR)
Crimson Alexis(Another little girl named for her Dad's favorite college football team)

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