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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas

The parents of these kids should get nothing but coal in their stockings!

Ta'Niya and Ta'Nya(Look, twins with like the same name. How kyute)
Eastlynn Kilihune Aiko(Girl)
Button Joseph(His real name)
Maple Fawn(A girl, not a type of deer)
Jaimesyn Delilah(:::Pukes:::)
Hateya Raye(A girl. Pronounced like hah TEEY yah maybe? :(
King Jay(You heard it hear first. Another King is born)
Treyton Dreamson(It's nice that he's their dream son but was that really necessary?)
Princess Angelina(Maybe she'll grow up to marry King Jay)
Messiah Domingo(Maybe he'll grow up to...)
Hennessy Liana(Named for alcohol. )
Kayden Lynn(A girl)
Jedlynn(A girl)
Grayson Margaret
Kanyen Ann(First female Canyon I've seen)
Shawn-Nevaeh Isaac(Not the first boy Nevaeh I've seen)
De'Priest Clyde(Mmmkay)
Jaquan and Jashawn(Will grow up to marry Ta'Nya and Ta'Nia)
Macaelyn Marie(Because Caelyn isn't crappy enough)
Kaydan Savannah
Ace Franklin
Dynasty Zharnae(Because we all want the word nasty in our name)

Mollye-Marie Carlee
So many things wrong with this one...

  1. Molly is an old nickname of Mary. Marie is the French form of Mary. Her name is basically Mary Mary.
  2. Mollye looks stupid.
  3. 3. Carlee looks stupid.
  4. All the names end in the eee sound.

Graceon Olive(Haven't seen this crappy spelling before)
Talon McKrae(Why talon? Why not just name him bird claw?)
Gracyn Alexandria(Can you tell this one is climbing the charts?)
Hayden Faye(Another girl with an ayden name)
Ixsicliz Damaries(A girl. Don't know what's going on there.)

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