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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Just your everyday crappy names

Timberlyn Ann(Will be tired of the tiiimbuur jokes by the time she's in middle school)

Preshus Angel (Her mahmah is stooopihd)

Jaxon Aron-Gail (Could Jackson be going to the girls? )

Pryce Briann (Hooker jokes anyone? What's your price? )

Ellis Suzanne (Why do parents do this? You know she's going to be called Ellie so just name her Elizabeth, Eleanor, Elena, Ellen etc)

Ellison Caroline (See above)

Hercules Wayne-louales(Yeah, I always hated Wayne but it's looking good in this case)

Aidyn Magdalene (Aidan is going girl too)

Kamdyn Kay (::sigh::)

Breckyn Riley (Another girl)

Music BreAnn(File under weird)

Rowdy Thomas( File under my parents drink too much)

Heavenly Elizabeth (She'll be called Hellish when she's bad)

Wilder Ray(Ok, I know it's a surname but it so does not work for a first name)

Stormye Nyte (Stormye should pronounced stor MY. Morons)

Sacred Amir( mmmkay)

Paizley Jo Romaine (Paisley colored lettuce? No, it's a newborn girl)

Nautica Danyelle (Named for the clothes her Mama can't afford)

Aidyn Gwen (Fans of trendy names for boys take note. )

Cherokee Organa Starr( Organa? way too easy)

Queen Hannah Marie (File under annoying title names)

Thunder Hawk (Super hero?)

Maybelline Paige ( How retarded!)

Rogue Marie (WHAT????????? Maybe they were going for rouge not that it's any better...)

Kieryn McKinley(A girl. Apparently adding a "y" makes boy names into girls names. Lets try it... Dayvid, Jayson, Eryck, Danyull, Adym, ...)

Lexess Anna-Mae (Named for a car her parents can't afford and her Daddy's favorite type of porn. (Animae for the slow people)

Daja'Nique Emya (File under parents on drugs category)

Shawnee Kay Lynn (Stripper)

Kaedyn Mary (Future sisters: Hynry, Dynnys, Gyorj, Tomyss, Ethyn, Patryk)

E'magyne Charnae( E'magyne the teasing she's going to endure )

Recja'e Trinity Denise(Can't for the life of me figure out how the firtst name)

Kaiden Jessica(Already becoming so popular for girls it's boring me already.)

Bentli Meghan (The get bent jokes will never end)

Phallioan-marie Harris (Don't know what's going on there)

Memory Mae ( File under weird)

Cayden Grace (Yet another girl Caden)

Bentleigh Hie(See Bentli Meghan)

Blayde McKay( Hope he doesn't grow up to become a wuss)

Foxx Allen (Hope he's not ugly)

Theory Adonnis( Way too easy)

Emberlynn Grace(Her parents think Emberlynn means beautiful jewel. Parden me while I die laughing. )

Snowden (snowed in?)

Aidyn Elizabeth ( ::Cries::)

Anistyn Nicole ( See above)

Elvis Joris ( Yep)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

really who ever this is you are dumb you get your kicks off from making fun of names... maybe they meant something to someone or whatever but you have no right to say dumb stuff about other people and butt yourself into the names that people choose... my name is one of those and i like the way it is spelt and so do alot of other people sorry but you have no life and i'm sure you having a boring name that is soooo common no one gives a F*** about it! Get a real life...
-starts with an S so figure it out BITCH!