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Monday, November 28, 2005

Macalaigh Grace (If you're going to misspell a name, at least do it in a way that it makes some kind of sense)
Auburn (A baby girl born in Alabama. Wonder which team her Daddy is a fan of? )
Colt Williams (Named for a gun a horse or a maybe a can of cheap beer)
Makinze Marie (K. Makinze would be pronounced mah KYNZ. Try hooked on phonics. Please!)
Slayton Patrick (What's wrong with Clayton? A normal name. You can call him Clay. Are they really going to call their son Slay?)
Ridge Maddox (Mama watches too many soap operas)
Greenley Paige (See above)
AnnAngel Precious Michael (That's how is was written. I'm praying that Michael was supposed to be Michaela but there wasn't enough room. The rest of the name is too sad to even make fun of)
Riggs Kade (He's a "tuff" guy for sure)
Grayson Hope (Yes, this is a baby girl. )
Hartley Olivia (I wonder if her parents know that a hart is male deer)
Mattison Nychole (Oh how unique! It's Madison Nicole only spelled stupid)
Kannon Page (This is a baby girl. I feel like crying)
Mayson Joy (Another girl with a boy's name)
Love Skylon (Poor baby)
Dash Diezell (Sounds like a super hero)
Tyde Alexander (Also born in Alabama. Maybe he's Auburn's cousin)
Kaidin Elizabeth(Soon to be parents of baby boys take note. This one is going girl)
Aniston Rayne (Another Alabama baby. Aniston is a city in AL but that doesn't make it right)
Carribean(A boy probably named for the place where he was conceived. Aboard a cruise ship in the Carribean)
Ramsey Elaine (Another girl with a boy's name)
Rustin Alexander (Rusting? Whatever)
Kendyn Paislee (Future stripper)
Makinleigh Nicole (See above)
Locklan (Ok people. Now you're making me angry. Lochlan/Lachlan is a classic Scottish BOY's name. It is not a girl's name. Got it?)
Kasi Sue jr (This is a girl apparently named after her mother. I'm all for girls being named for Mom, but girls are not juniors!)
Finley Sophie (See Locklan and change Scottish to Irish)
Heavenly Skyy (Another stripper)
Mi'Racle Penne Destiny (Penne like the pasta?)

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