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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Bintzen Maddux(A boy. I'm guessing that Bintzen is a creative spelling of Benson?)
Cutter Ashton(Perfect name for the star of a slasher flick)
MacKenzie Brayden(One boy's name isn't manly enough for their baby girl)
Logan Elizabeth(Aww, isn't Logan kyoot for a girl?)
Telquavious De'Taun(Sounds like an exotic fish)
Tyler Giselle(Taylor is so dunzo for girls but Tyler is like hip y'all)
Renvy Dorenda(Weird)
Chansley Rose(She'll be called Chanse no doubt)
Swayze Jaymes(The only's a boy)
Kayleighonia Chevelle(Fun with vowels)
Jubilee Shianne(Destined to live in a trailer)
Logan Olivia(Parents take note. This one is going to the girls)
Sawyer(Another girl with a boy's name)
Jacquobi(Another girl)
Deuce Eziah(A boy with a stupid name. )
Kambryn Karis(A girl with a made up name)
Brynndelyn Grace
Logen(a girl)
Lynkyn( boy)
Mattyline Billie Hope (Hey y'all, I'm like destined to live in a trailer.)
Brayleigh Denise (Again with the donkey names)
Miami Kay (Mmmkaay)
Kenzington Dawn (A misspelled upper class area. How tacky)
Ninja Maddox (Yeah, I'm so not kidding.)
Bentleigh Madisen (Another pretentious name. We know you live in a trailer)
Myckael Anakyn (So dreadful)
Jaxon Grace (Yes, this is a girl. )
Wrigley Geraldine (Yep, another girl)
Jakeup (Not a form of hiccups.. It's a horrible version of Jakob/Jacob)
Casstor Memphis (So sad)
Kyndal Alistaire(Like Kyndal isn't bad enough, they had to give her another boy's name for her middle name. )
Im'unique (No you're not. You're parents are just stupid)
Nirvana(girl) (Named for an over rated band)

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