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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Acton Mladen (Boy)

Sire-Matthew (These title names are obnoxious)

Sir-Omar De-Shan (See above)

Sir Dwaine(Ditto)

Anna-Frank(A girl. I don't know what's going on there)

Berlynn Renee(Named after a place her parents can't locate on a map)

Friday Walter(That's just weird)

Finlay Paige(A girl) (How many times do I have to tell you people? Finlay is not a girl's name. If a celeb named their kid buttface would you do it too? Who I am kidding? They probably would)

Stone Joseph(His siblings are Marc, Rene, and Sophia. ???)

Le'land Hughdonald Lamar(That's just mean.)

Jet James(What's wrong with Brett or Rhett? Normal names that sound similar and won't result in your kid getting beaten up everyday of his life.)

Ayden Silivia(Misspelled, but still a boy's name.)

Nivanette Lexis (Nivanette sounds like a cheap hairspray. Lexis is a stripper's stage name)

Bridttenelly Dayanarrie(A girl)(Her parents don't even know how to spell her name)

Aveness Halle(A girl)

Talan Raymond(He's either name for a bird's claw or that dude from Laguna Beach)

Bing Crosby(I am so not kidding)

Cinnamon Kaniyah(Her sister's name is Honee)

Cadyn Raymond(Misspelling his name won't change the fact that he'll have at least 5 other classmates with the name. Boys and girls)

Watson Charles (Can we say pretentious?)

Ayden Montana(A boy) (Couldn't they give him one decent name?)

Nixon Gage(Presidential surnames are big right now. Somehow I don't see this one catching on)

Campbell Walker (A girl! AHHHHHHHHHHH! What a crappy name for a girl)

Prince King'kingro(Ohhhkayy)

Tyelr Ryan(It's crappy Tyler misspelled)

Treydon Ricker(Trey, but crappier. Ricker?)

Jolene Cassidy(What a David Cassidy/Dolly Parton fan names her kid)

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