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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Changes in Popularity

The SSA now keeps a list of names that are rapidly changing in popularity. Up or down.  It's sad that parents these days apparently look to reality TV for baby name inspirations. The two names that jumped the highest for boys and girls come MTV's Teen Mom. Maci for a girl and her son's name, Bentley. Some of the names on this list are actually nice, but they are inspired by TV, movies or celeb's children. What ever happened to naming children after relatives? People always send me e-mails claiming that they named their daughter Jackson because it's "unique" or their son Knox because it's different and cool. Millions of other people watch the same shows, see the same movies as you do. Trust me, you're won't be the only one who names their kid  Monroe or Moroccan. Why not take a name from your own person family tree? If you name your son or daughter after a relative, you will have a name that truly means something and the name most likely won't be too popular. No attractive names in your family tree? Try a different version of that name. Go with a name from a favorite book. Name your children after someone who inspires you. Anything is better than naming your child after a reality TV celeb.

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