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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Place Names

I recently saw the name Jersey for a girl on a web nursery site. The baby's Mother's name was Nebraska! Nebraska? Really? What is appealing about Nebraska as a name? Nebraska actually isn't the worst place name I've heard of. How about Alaska? Saw that one on a girl. Other odd place names I've heard of on actual people: Malaysia, Egypt, Texas, Kansas, Ontario, Montreal, Manhattan, California, Tallahassee, Montgomery, and Minnesota. These names might not be as bad as say a Sir'Robert or Heavenlee but I wouldn't want to go through life named after a random place. I don't mind place names like Georgia which is an actual name being a female form of George. It could still be annoying though to be named after a place. I bet the jokes get old fast.

1 comment:

Nicole said...

Jane, I 100% agree with you. Some people need to visit your blogs before they name their children. Normal is so much better than the crap people have been giving their children. If I hear another -aden name or stupid spelling, I'm going to explode.