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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

 Precious Miracle
(We get it. You think your kid is special..)

 J'lyn Nevaeh 
(This name has it all. Apostrophes and backwards spelled words)

Shaden Deshun 
(Please stop. Just stop. The -aden trend must die!)

Trenidey Dawn
(Like Kennedy but worse)

Raydin Elizabeth

 Jayle Elizabeth
(Jayle? Really? )

 De'marquay Tylik 

Ramsey Kate
(I'm sorry but Ramsey is not cute on a girl. )

Peyghtin Michael

Berkeley Belle
Angel Love
(I couldn't believe this was a boy.)
Sir'Ray Kreedell
(Are they really going to call him Sir'Ray?)

Jou'rdynn Mauree' 
(Jordan is bad enough on a girl!)

Kay'Myiah Myi'Angel

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