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Friday, May 07, 2010

Most Popular Names Of 2009!

The official list from social security has just been released! The SSA does not factor in multiple spellings with popularity or the -aden names would probably be the entire Top 5 for boys.


#189 Miley ( Can you imagine being named after a Disney star?  )
#131 Hayden (So ultra feminine!!! GRRRRR!!!!!!)
#268 Presley (Not cute on a girl!!!)
# 274 Teagan (Not cute on a girl or anyone really. Such a stupid name.)
#318 Paisley (After the country singer or the hideous pattern?)
#321  Emerson (Another male one)
#361 Hadley (So ugly and not feminine)
#395 Tatum (So much uglier and dumber than Tegan)
#453 Logan( Come on, people! Don't let the girls take over this name.)
# 463 Miracle (At least it's spelled right?)
#496 Rowan (Again, not a female name. Very nice for a boy. Don't let the girls take over this one either!)
#502 Parker (What is the appeal of names like this for girls? I don't get it.)
#526 Finley (Stop taking all ove the boy names!)
#548 Skyla (So dumb!)
#566 Haven (So not unique. People are always telling me how unique this one is. )
#604 Shiloh (Thanks so much Angelina and Brad)
#656 Barbara (Can't believe people are still using this one. It's not really a bad name, but it's ugly.)
#666 Bristol ( Such an ugly name)
#669 Leighton (Another boy's name that will probably rise in popularity thanks to Leighton Meester.)
#727 Campbell (Gross!)
#818 Micah (A boy's name!)


#8 Jayden (God, I hate this name.)
#34 Mason (Why don't you just name your kid Painter or Janitor? )
#47 Brayden (Gross! Almost as bad as Jayden.)
#83 Alex (Hate nicknames as given names!)
#85 Ayden (My eyes!)
#101 Jaden LOL
#102 Kaden LOL
#103 Caden LOL
#125 Jake (See Alex)
#138 Kayden (This is an epedemic! I didn't even count the ones on the girl's side.)
#143 Cayden (VOMIT!)
#166 Jace (This is not a name! It's a nickname for Jason.)
#169 Kaiden (This is ridiculous!)
#171 Jaiden (Worst baby name trend ever!)
# 185 Braden (So many -adens!)
#225 Kingston (Thanks to Gwen and Gavin.)
#260 Caiden (This is pathetic already)
#271 Aaden (How many ways is there to spell a name?)
#399 Zayden (oh Lord!)
#621 Bradyn (STOP IT ALREADY!)
#622 Aydan (It's not funny anymore!)
#636 Jaeden (GRRRR!)
#646 Aydin (For real?)
#670 Raiden (Isn't this a bug spray?)
#673 Nash (So faux tough guy.)
#700 Sincere (So mean!)
#716 Kaeden (This is exhausting)
#724 Aidyn (::sigh::)
#763 Zaiden (NOOO!)
#784 Adonis (LOL)
#799 Jaydin (I can't take it anymore!)
#804 Jadyn (How many more can there be?)
#807 Jaidyn (NO FREAKING WAY!)
#834 Kadyn (I cannot believe this!)
#838 Aedan (So glad I don't have any -aden named babies in my family.)
#839 Kadin (STOP!)
#911 Haiden (It has to be the last one.)
#919 Braedon (I spoke too soon.)
#994 Stone (Dumb, but at least it isn't an -aden name!)

I seriously cannot believe how many -aden names there. I know I didn't even count all of them. It's crazy!


Claire said...

Haha! It's funny how you wrote this. Those Aden names are RIDICULOUS!
I think 9/10 of the boys top 10 namse are great. However, Jayden sticks out like a sore thumb. Horrible name!

Anonymous said...

I know you probably think that #646 for boys is "just" another "trendy -aden name" but "Aydin" is a Turkish name. I know a Turkish man named that. He is 80 years old, so he predates the "-aden" trend by a long shot. His newborn grandson is named after him. Granted, in Turkish the name is spelled with a dotless i (a lowercase i without the dot on it) and the name is pronounced eye-DUN.

Anonymous said...

Lol I agree on alot of these names lol however I do have a nickname for a full name lol my full name is Kate and that's simply bc my last name is 13 letters long and they felt like saddling me with Katherine which is nine letters long on top of my 13 letter last name was just cruel lol and my biggest pet peeve isn't the -adens lol its the word names that are misspelled! Lol drives me crazy! Lol

Anonymous said...

I don't get why zayden is such a bad name.when I named my son zayden I had no idea of the this ADEN trend.or I would have avoided it.I wanted something different.not something you hear everyday.I have yet to meet another little boy name zayden.I get complimented on it all the time.others think its a neat name.

Anonymous said...

Another thing is my son was born in 2010......