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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Comment from my "fans"..

Your name Jane Cordelia sounds like a monkey name from "Planet Of The Apes".

That made me LOL! That isn't my name. It's beautiful though. I wouldn't expect someone who thinks that Ayden and Emerson are lovely names for girls to appreciate the beauty of a simple classic name like Jane.

I knew you had no children. No mother would ever make up a website like this. If you were a mother, you would understand why I got so mad. I thought of my children and their feelings

You'd be surprised. I get positive comments from Mom's all the time. Maybe you should have considered your children's feelings before you gave them such crappy names. 

Get a life, plain Jane. Since you are not a mother just like I thought, then I totally understand why you do not have a CLUE of why I was angry. You did not insult me, you insulted my children. What is an BLANK? I thought you said you heard it all. It is a family last name. You should really be a shamed of yourself. Your Jane names for the child you do not have, especially the 2nd one is truly is BAD name. Haha! Yeah, it is really original. Sneer! You are probably barren and unable to concieve. And no, I haven't done any jail time. You are a sad pathetic human being. You are truly a waste of space. 

The blank is the name of this person's child. It's only a first name but I decided to edit it to save her embarrassment in case anyone she knows might be reading this.  I googled the name. It is not a surname. It's completely made up and not original. There are many others on the web. I did not insult your children. I insulted their names. I don't blame your children. They are innocent. Why do overly defensive people always assume that I must be fat, have no life or unable to have children? Guess what? Some people choose not to have children. There is no requirement in life to have children. I might change my mind some day. I am content with my life for now. If I did have children they would have beautiful names. I have pets with better names than most kids have these days.
P.S. On the topic of surnames. Why is it that people have no problem passing off a masculine surname to their daughter but they wouldn't dream of passing down a female family name to boy? They have no problem naming a girl, Dawson, Jackson, Murphy, but never ever would they name a boy Jennifer, Elizabeth, Sarah or even Lindsay which originated as male. That stuff drives me crazy. Anyway.. if you want your  kid's names removed all have you to is send me an e-mail and ask politely. I've done it before. I'm not a monster. The funny thing  is that the people who send me hate mail never even ask me to remove the names. They just let the insults fly.

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Anonymous said...

I must say, i love the name Jane. That's on my girl's name list.