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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Word Names, TV Names, and Bad Twin Names

(How many different ways is there to spell a stupid name?

(At first I thought the parents were illiterate.. Then I saw reign in the middle of the name and decided it was probably intentional)
(What is the appeal? I don't get it)

(Oh cute.. He was named after an idiot on one of his Mom's favorite reality shows.(The Bachlorette Season 5(Kiptyn Locker)
(It's like the deodorant only misspelled)
(Give him something he can work with.)
(You know it's a bad name when I'm happy that he has Cash as a potential nickname.)
(More people naming their children after TV shows.)

(Not really the best role model anymore.)

Heyloe Miangella
(Halo would be bad enough. Why give this poor child a misspelled word as a name?)

Craifon Ro'che linale
(I'm not sure what they were going for.)

Heavenli Myajia Michelle
(Can you imagine telling people your name is Heavenli?)
Mar-Yona and Tiyona
Sun'D'ada and Sonada
Za'Miyah and Za'Niyah
(I hate matching twin names. I really hate madeup, ugly matching twin names with apostophes and hyphens.)


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Beau said...

Wow.. do you really have nothing better to do with you time?