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Sunday, March 07, 2010


I read an interesting article about why parents choose "unique" names for their children. Some say it's a form of narcississim. I agree to an extent. I think the parents who give their children "unique" names for the sole purpose of their children standing out are narcissistic. The parents are only thinking of themselves. They are not thinking about the child. I am especially annoyed with parents who name their children after their favorite TV characters, singers, comic book heroes, etc.. It's like they need other people to see how "cool" or "unique" they are. FYI to all of you narcissicists: We don't care! You're not cool. Grow up! Give your children names that they can live with. If you want to show the world how creative or unique you are, write a book. Write a song. Paint. Name a dog. Name a Sim.  Think of the children!
DISCLAIMER: I am not talking about normal names that might be uncommon like an Elsa or Lev. I'm talking about your  Davey'ahn'tae's, McKintaylorson's, Starli's, etc


Vera said...

With names like Goddess Unique or A'Legend, it's hard not to wonder about narcissism.

Vera said...

Also, favorite narcissistic entry is:

"Carlucci Donielynn (Her siblings are Carl Jr. and Carly) Not hard to guess Dad's name."