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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My name is not Jane!

I love how people try to bash my name when they comment on this blog. I've said many times that Jane isn't my name. I love the name Jane, but it's not my name. I also love my real name, but I am not putting it on this blog. It's a classic, biblical name. It's 100% feminine. It's the perfect type of name for a girl. Responses to some of the fan comments:

I am pretty sure my daughters name is on the list...I am not offended...We have completly different taste....JANE is probably the very last name on the planet I would pick. Also, being a kindergarten teacher I like when kids have different names...instead on having six Michelle's in the class.....However I am a little creeped out about how you got my daughters name and middle name combination. I would like to thank you....I am find lots of names for my second baby!

How old are the kids in your kindergarten class? Michelle is not a popular name for 5 year olds. Your class is probably full of kids named Madison, Mackenzie, Kaydence, Tyler, Jayden, Austyn, and Dakotah. I get most of the names from on line web nurseries where parents give their permission for the names and photos to be posted. I do not post last names or pictures. Unless the name is truly atrocious, like a He'ven'ly Ayn'gell Prin'Cess.. I doubt your child is the only one with that name. I see the same first and middle combinations over and over again.

I have two children with unusual names Kamea and Kinzyn and I get the most compliments on there names!!! People say what is her name or what is his name and I tell them and they are like awww that is a really cute name I like that!!!! yeah I would never name my kid something that someeone in the 50's 60's or 70's thats for sure I want my kid to know that I am talking to them in a crowd of people not yelling lisa or tim and 10 kids come running

People aren't going to tell you to your face how awful your kid's names are. That's what the internet is for. Who gives their kid's names from the 50's, 60's and 70's? If you yell out Lisa or Tim in a crowd you'd most likely see people in the 40s and older turning their heads. You can name your kid whatever you like, but don't post the name on the internet unless you want people to make fun of it.

yeah... just so you know... my name is Kynslee Niccole... yeah... so i guess my name is shameful...
My name is amazing!!!
it took my mom and dad a long time to figure out my name and mom was singing in church and Kingsley was in the song she was singing, so she changed it up and my father chose my middle name... i was a gift from God, as was my name. Just because you don't like people's names, doesn't mean you have to make an entire site dedicated to how much you don't like them saying they are bad baby names....
You're a downright bitch!
Get over your plain name...
i think you're just jealous.

Funny, I don't remember Kynslee being in the bible. I don't think God would have such bad taste. Biblical names are beautiful for the most part. Kynslee is a misspelled, surname. FYI, it's a male name.

FUG YOU!!!! What do you know about names....what are your kids names? Lisa, Jason and Jacob??? Very unique and BORING!!!! Such as have nothing else to do but to make such a stupid site up. LOOSERS>>>>> What is your name...Is it Richard? Or rather Dick?

Why is everyone obsessed with the name Lisa? LOL! Looser? If you're going to insult me, at least try to spell it right. FYI, Jacob is a nice name but I am not crazy about it. Jason is too 70s. Lisa is too 60s.

A short list of ugly names for my fans:


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Anonymous said...

My daughter's name is Laekyn and I happen to like it. To each their own!!