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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

(Did you know that adding a "y" makes a name girly? I wonder if that works for any name or is it just trendy surnames? Why not Willyam or Thomyss?)

(I'm guessing the parents have never heard of Radon)

(She will brighten up your day!)


(Cute name for a dog!)

(Not to be confused with all of the millions of Jaydens)

(Named for Daddy's favorite truck)

(I wonder if they meant Sybil?)

(Not sure if this is better or worse than Cash)

(hmm.. Maybe it will become a hit for girls like Brooke)

(You know they are going to call her Hattie. Why couldn't they just name her Hattie or Harriet?)

(That brecks my heart)

(ugh, just ugh)

(Sounds like a prescription drug)

Jayhden Delayh
(What is with the random "h's?" I think "H" is the new "y".)

Major Mario
(This one makes me LOL. It sounds like a new super mario game)

Ja'Kaylin Niki
(Because the "Ja" makes it classy)

Zayley Rae
(Zayley is so original. It's like Haylie and Kaylee but with a Z)

Johnnie Grace
(How about Jimmie Faith for sister?)

Infinity Gene
(Sounds like a gene that makes you live forever)

Kai'd Giselle
(Cade? KUH dee? I don't get this one)

Preslee Marie
(Presley is sadly becoming a hot name for girls. I've seen it spelled Preslie, Presli, and Presleigh)

D'Juan Lafayette
(This one sounds hilarious! It's like a Spanish lover in a spoof movie about Spanish heroes)

Ashbee Justyne

Talon Jack
(A talon is a bird's claw!)

D'Era Michelle
(Named after her Mom's favorite washing powder?)

Jay'Len Dwight
(I hate apostrophes)

Miley Kaytlynn
(How sad)

Dani Jo
(So fem!)

Kerrigan Michaela
(Nancy called. She wants her surname back)

Everleigh James
(James is not cute on a girl so stop it right now! Everleigh is stupid.)

Jomesicia Marie
(At least there aren't any apostrophes)

Kingston J'Air

Blakely Shay
(Another super fem name for a girl)

Pearson Elizabeth

Tre'Kevion Dashaun
(At least he can go by Tre)

Eneveii Kenyata
(I think that's meant to be envy)

Xa'Myriyah Ka'Mora-Lynn
(That's only one baby.)


Anonymous said...

My first son's name made your list and I was hoping that my newest addition would be added as well... Draylon Russell! Horray for "bad baby names"!

Anonymous said...

someday i shall have a child and name him/her G'Corn. hahahaha

Anonymous said...

listen here you little dumb bitch, i personally like my child's name and you did post it on you stupid ass list. i name my child what i want to name her, not what you wanted me to name her. maybe sometimes you need to keep your opinions to yourself.

Anonobeast said...

"maybe sometimes you need to keep your opinions to yourself."

Don't share on the web in future then.

Anonymous said...

I happen to love my daughter name soo much. Its unique n different from all these normal n wack ass names u hoes have these. So give it up 4 Xa'Myriyah. Mommy see dat u have alot of fans