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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Worst Name Of The Year

Back in September I predicted that a certain name might be the worst name of the year. My prediction has come true. There was no name worse than Laginuwine Myloveleevett which was given to a baby girl. Other horrible names that are worth mentioning again..


Mystical Rainn
Rowdy Joe
Tyler and Kyler
Sher'mar and Jer'mar

Sterling and Syllver


Marissa Moses said...

I am pretty sure my daughters name is on the list...I am not offended...We have completly different taste....JANE is probably the very last name on the planet I would pick. Also, being a kindergarten teacher I like when kids have different names...instead on having six Michelle's in the class.....However I am a little creeped out about how you got my daughters name and middle name combination. I would like to thank you....I am find lots of names for my second baby!

kittyco03 said...

you know i think your blog is hillarious there are some names you see and hear that make you raise an eyebrow and go what?! when kevin and I (christina) named our son Kacey i thought that was stretching it to the limit...still it's all in good fun and humor, some ppl should lighten up!