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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Cidni Faye
Avlyn Mae
Mylie JoAnn
Brookshie Adelle
Serenity Dawn
Cobi Joyce
Miley Shay
Holland Rylee
Bayleigh LouSahara Samon
Memori LaRae
Tyland De'Carlos
Colsen Mae
Kiersyn Renee
Apparyncia Dawn
Mayson Eileen
Kingston Hawk
Rumor Aylene
Maysi Jayde
Mi'angel Nevaeh
Gaysha Haze
Blue Bear
Ja'Leigha Emoni
Makenzye Alexis
Berkleigh Kae
Manning Russell
Amberly Marie
Finley Renee
Shilynn Grace
Kamri Elizabeth
Aidyn Camille
Ryclaire Elyse
LeighElla Bliss
Anniston McKenzie
Bennett Claire
Kawasaki Jaden
Maygen Danyel
Carrington Venice
Fancy Lee
Kinzy Ann
Bentley Jade
Kingston Orlando
Bliss Desiree
Kynslie Ann
October Alexis
Oakley DeLynn
Heavellynn Nicole
Lynkon Kash
Brinlee Cheyenne
Kanada Didell
Dawantaeveous Dominick
Rowdy Country
Passion Carress
Andi Quin
Slaydin Noah
Tenleigh Grace
Cambri Annabelle
Anderson Grace
Iceland Aniyah
Praize Joshua
Breelynn Kaye
Layton Ann
Kinzie Michael
Aspen LeeAnn
Jentry Dawn
Emberley Grace
Reign Danielle
Myleigh Paige
Tuesday Blu
Finley May
Shiloh Grace
True Cai girl
Zyler Makenzie
Royal Lee
Kayden Jae
Tayley Elizabeth
Serenidy Rayne
Bobbi Marie
Trusten Alek
Azryell Christine
Henley Rowen
Ridge Lee
Hayden Faith
Braylin Paul
Steele Robert
Alizabyth Joann
Slade Leon
Karsey Layne
Laken Elizabeth
Reighlynae Nichole
Hayden Grace
M'morie J'tonie
Dai'Lexeona Lamaria
Indigo Rosalynn
Richiana Undreya(Dad is Richard)
Kaplee Olivia Marie
Kennedy-Nickole Dylan
Wynter May Lynnette
Dorothy Pink-Marie
Char'li Anaiah Ranique
Campbell Cheyenne-Alexa
Egypt Morgan Jael
Campbell Addison Lily
Famous-Paryss Gianna
Kross Isiah Jordan
Azianaye Jade Anya
Montanna Marie Sue
Skylynn Zanann-Marie
Aidyn Jayde Lee girl
Johnnae Kay'Lynn-Symone
A'Legend Armoni Tre'Sean
Rivers Isabella(Her brothers are Parker, Hayes)
Greysen Taylor(Her sisters are Morgan,Jade)
Graycyn Lea and Kinsley Lynn


Anonymous said...

Your name seems a bit plain, Jane.
But I do agree that this "street spelling" of names has become rather ridiculous.

Skylynn said...

i happen to be the oldest skylynn that i'am aware off and i personaly that unless you name your kid something mean then its your kid name it what you will and everyone likes diffent things and who is anyone to say something is ugly i think that it actually makes you ugly for saying it p.s. I like my name.

Anonymous said...

Wow - who are you? how exactly do you become an authority on good and bad names? I doubt you have a PHD - interesting way to spend your time - making fun of children's names...

Anonymous said...

I think that you are a stupid fuck! just because you were an accident and your parents neglected you and hated you from day 1 doesn't give you the right to say anything about the name or the parents who picked the name.. I wish I knew where you were from so I could meet you and kick your fucking ass. I feel sorry for your parents
I'm sure actually I know the day you were born was the worst day of their lives! fuck u

Anonymous said...

My child's name is on here... She was born in 2007 a month before her name was posted... These are minors who didn't ask to be here nor can they name themselves. Pulling baby name records should be illegal. That's why society is fuck up now because of bullies like you!! I'm going to do everything in my power to get this site removed. Fuck your opinion your probably a bastard child anyway...