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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Aniston Joy
Blesie Janeth
Jubily Ann
MichalAnn Marie
Jazylyn Ann
Chevy Xavier
Brecken Frances
Khandez Haley (Candace?)
Impress Deja
Zayden Vaughn
Teajanea Monesha
Carter Anderson
Shade Alexander
Talbot Patricia
A'Million Jamarie
Aydreann Andrew
Talon Joseph
Keighyn Leiraye
Mylee Brella
Tadyn Duane
Kodie McKenna
Shaylee Starr
Weaver Carl
Boston Carl
Piercen David
Mayson Rae
Sayge Elizabeth
Raylie Elizabeth
Shaylee Maye
Ayden Rigby
Lotus Hope
Stormy Leona
Jaxyn Ray
Brinlee Sage
Sloan Isabel
Dazlin Kaz
Bostyn Thomas
Kyzler Lee
Bracken Isaiah
McKaybree Spring
Bree-Elle Chloee
Maddux Danger
Taylee Elle
Royale Unique
Ke'Anthonie DeShawn
Roni Dale
Tyten Owen
LeGrande Alexander
Kobree Kaye
Sunnie Mae
Bobbie Roxann
Mc'Kyenzi J'honi
Heavyn Denise
Aurmajesti Sa'Louis
Kaidyn April
Kaecen Jolee
Tanner Buck
Andromeda Ray
Tierstan Olivia
Shiloh Dawn
Kingston Maddox(Named after his parent's fav celeb babies?)
Jentry Layne
Oakleigh Ann
Rebel Lee
Jensen Grace
Audicy Reann (Odyssey?)
Cannon Joseph
Cash Leland
Chainey Marie
Grayson Ann
Albany Katherine
Haven Antoinette
Harlyn Ronae
Kyden Jeffrey
Parker Noel
Andromeda Leigh
Blayden Lee
Kealan Mykel
Kearein Krystel
Gracen Elizabeth
Charlsie Kay
Emmymae Beth
Raeleigh Irene
Cerenety Elizabeth(Serenity?)
Chayse Marie
Natorious Terrell
Stevianna Lamontrice
(I guess they're not familiar with the name, Stephanie?)
Devaulier se'Vaunn
Tomminae Lehsay(Her Dad is Tommy)
Kylin Dani Lee
Styles Garland
Summit Von
Jeffi Clare
Keeleigh Jolee
Taylen Beau
Haydin McKenna
Lakota John
Zephra Leeanne
Beauty Faith
Kasche Edward
Holland Belle
Brogan Blaine
Madyn Reece
Saturnina Lynn
Goldie Maurine
Skylee Storm
Brinleigh Kay
Bentley Nicole
Sky Landon
Ashtyn Rook
Karsyn Nichole
Serenity Dawn
Kloud Atzumi
Boston Cash
Kenzley Jo
Shawncey Patrick
Roxci Berlin
Candy Nancy
Ocean Napolean
Baileyjo Nichole
Aymee Paola
Lakota Dawn
Granger Truth
Monroe Daisy
Starlight Faith
Bonnye Yolanda
Daynee Jolynn
Brynnley Leighton
Diamond Haven Alexis
Paxtyn Eliana(Sister is Paityn)
Xelynn Phoenix Antonio
Jezybelle Maithavye Odiya
DyBorra CyEntrie Ceyonna
Salyxisa Que-Shaye Mari
Ski Arriana-l'ere
Patriot Ryan-Sidney(Love the Ryan and Sidney, hate Patriot)
Emerald Hudson Joy
Chancellor Anthony Joseph
Mylee Jaden Marie
Bobbi Marie Hope
Unity Ella Mae
Zaezja-Leigh Akayla Patrice
Zaha'Rie-Mishel Jude
Zyxlo Troy Danny David
Elliot Claire(Her sister is Piper)
Maylie Sue(Brother is Oakley)
Jamison Riley(Her sister is Bailey)
Flynn McKenna (Siblings are
Brinley May and
Caden Scott
Bodee Levi
and Brylee Renee
Emerson Faith and Addison Kay
Houston Antonio and Austin Emmanuel


Anonymous said...

okay, only about half of those names are bad. Sometimes people arent trying to be unique, they just like those names. Now, celebrity baby names are really bad, I'm surprised you havent put those on your blog.

Anonymous said...

zyxlo is my brothers name.

im not joking.

this blog is stupid!

musiqfreak. said...

first of all the name Chevy Xavier is not my real name. Chevy is my nickname, xavier is my last. second who the f^$% are you to tell people about what they name THEIR child? you probably mad cause your parents werent creative and just named you some plain name. instead of posting up stupid s#$% to get yourself known for something over the internet how about you grow the f#$% up and stay out of people business. Deuces

Anonobeast said...

Own your words, musiqfreak, I'm sure "Jane" can handle some cussing.

And I repeat, if you put information on the net, don't get pissy when people run across it and/or use it. It's not some private journal/diary that you keep in the bedside table or under your mattress. The internet is never truly private.

And you have a stupid nickname.

Anonymous said...

haha I find this funny. My twin girls are Oakley merlot and Piper ansley. I like a lot of the names on your list! :) if I were to have another girl I like quinn and a boy would be nash. That's my husband's middle name. Oh and my namesake Nesta charlene.