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Friday, September 01, 2006

Skye Nicholle
Roberanika(girl)Dad is Robert Um..Roberta anyone?
Laeton Tyelr(boy) Ok..It's Leighton or Leyton and Tyler!
Aeryn Baylee(girl) Cause it's more "girly" looking than Aaron Bailey.
Teraneisha Na'Shay
Briege Mary(girl) What?
Lynden Hope(girl)
Mauh'Prince Zy'Lontre' My prince?
Cayden Lane and Kenden Reed(bros:Wyatt,Jarrett)I bet they dress them in matching outfits
Ellasyn Jan
Stone Grant
Maddin Lane(boy)
Sage Marie Lee
Phylisity Ann ( Felicity is a beautiful name. Stop trying to be kre8tive! It's not kyute!)
Legacy Jeremiah (Hope he lieves up to his name)
Shy-Ann Michelle
Egypt Diamond(girl)
Wolf Erich
Branigan Paige(girl) (Pretentious )
Cash Anderson
Sapphire Rose
Payden Nicholas (Sounds like how Peyton is pronounced by someone with a stuffy nose)
Zakorreunta Dayshun(boy)
Dixie Delight
(Dixie is cute, but with Delight it sounds like a porn movie set in the south)
Brizen Jay
Wilkerson Glen (Sounds like a subdivision)
MacFred Lee
McKenlee Michelle
Dustee Coy(boy)
Haygen Wiley(boy)
Erralynn Mae(Sister is Emberlynn)
TruLynn Nichole
Brecklynn Tayla Michelle
Decker Clay
Zeb Dwight
Kyven DuRand(Sibs:Keastin,Kaibrea,Kaden)Green means I have no idea what gender they are)
Cayden Marie
Campbell Rian(girl)
Princess Railynn(Dad is Prince)
Jessyn Kynleigh(girl)
Campbell Claire(girl)
Tory'Antywon Deon(boy)
Kaydense Cheyenne Marie (Don't you wish you had the word dense in your name?)
Stormy Dawn Gail Kay-Lynn (Well, Kay is kind of cute)
Wandalene Lucil(girl) (So mean!)
Shyla Rae Leigh
Braeyshawn Lee
Brekyn Ann
Kingsley William
Sawyer Karolen(girl) (I think of a big, lumberjack when I hear this name, but that's just me..)
Beckham Berg
Breckyn Isabelle
Ellaree Bernadine(girl)
Dysnasty Renea
Rock Everett
Ridglley Dane(boy)
(Sibs:Kellsey,Rylley) (Exxtra lettters arre nott cuute;neither are the names)
Charlee Rae(girl)
Sabashtien RobertBlake (Way to ruin a nice name. And Blake should never be used with Robert )
Char-Lee Jean-Michelle(girl)
Kamdyn May
Phayt Aaron Lee(boy)
Dimaggio Rigo (Why not Joseph?)
Arizona Mae
Kingston Endres
Adamite Adonius (I hope he never looks up the definition )
Anthonee Jayden
Charlye Jere'(girl)(Dad is Charles)
Hayden Grace
BreAunna Dawn Sue
Jenasey Hayven(girl)
Casyn Thorenstine(boy)
Emmali Rose
Keedan Anthony
Jarrid Ad'n
Ryleigh Renaye
Alf Ray
Cayleezce Chantele Ann
Kytalyn Jaymes(girl) (!!#&*!!!! James is not a girl's name!!!!!)
Slade Aang
Divine Love Nkemdilim(girl)
Mattelynn Christine
Ripken Cade (Calum,Calvin, or even Cal, but Ripken is not cool)
Lulu Camille
Nash Nicholas
Mckelvie Racquel
Emma-Leigh Rose
Lancelot Reginald
Jaxyn Drake
Madisynn Lynn
Tember Chyenne Jayne(Mom is Stormie)
Lybie Denise (Elizabeth aka Libby. Lybie is STOOPID!)
Shiloh Raquel
Rylenn Delrae(girl)
Daytonna Lynn(girl)
Ray Kayl Chanel(girl)
Braedynn Allen(boy)
Sincere Zaquan(boy)
Brighton Paige(girl)
Seeger Reed
My'Erin Kay(mom is Erin) (Alright...)
Charlee Pepper(girl)
Brookley Ma'kayla
Chayse Alexis(girl)
Ayden Victoria
Paedyn Elizabeth
Asheligh Rene
Skye Shayline

Tristiny Brooke(girl) (Sibs:Amber,Perry,Chasity,Gant,Brayden,Bryce,Dante,Demica,Abrial)
Tekamah Reed
Jerzey Jean(girl)(Sister:Jozlynn)
Bow Rayne(girl) (This makes me feel like puking)
Avyn Elizabeth
Raygan Nolan(girl)
Peaches Louise Iona
Carter Jenette(girl)
Cynley Nicole
(When I saw this, I thought it was SIN lee. KYN lee isn't any better)
Braylynn Marie
Mackencie Neshiyah(girl)
Kaprice Alaina and Koltyn Victoria (Colton on a girl is wrong!)
Kytryna Mckenzy (We still recognize it's Katrina which everyone in this generation is going to associate with the storm)
Sagjanahe Alijah(girl)
Sapphire Diamond
Tayleigh Rae
Timber Robert(boy)
Anastyn Nikole

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