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Friday, August 25, 2006

N'Ascent Mi'Princess D'Zyre Heavenly
Aunesti' Desiraii Kanyss
Connecticut Clare(girl)
Oasis-Soleil Carmen(girl)
Galaxie Loucynthia
Mischief Marie
Jexton Lynn(boy)
Charmer Dalton(boy)
Ssence Elaine (Essence??)
Hennessy Mae
Rembrandt Salatan(boy)
Le'Bron A'Juan
Wrenna Shea
Riot J Thrasher
Precious Emerald
Zephyr Daniel Ray
Galaxxii Daniella
Ranger Thomas
Elder Andrew
Marack Kathryn(girl)
Winter Violet
Diamond, Destiny and Deja
Jazney alexis(girl)
Jaylend Anthony
Aspynn Bree
Tylyn Kay(Girl)
Ambralee Elizabeth
Trager Nicholas
Kinnedee Geneva
Berkley Paige(girl)
Everleigh Claire
Emberlynn Lalaine
Rowdy Lane
Marlow Grace
Sawyer Kaitlyn
Montianna Michelle(Dad is Lamonte)
Lexington Ann
Cutter Ryan
Unique LaTrell(BOY!)
Stevanna Consuelo(girl)
Strait Cash(Brother is Cutter)I realize he might be named for the country singers(George Strait and Johnny Cash but this is just crazy. What if he turns out to be gay? Even if he doesn't, the kids will call him gay)
Townley Grace
Bethannye Marie
Rustyn Elayne(girl)
Maykenzi Jo
Pyper Ryleigh
Brandi and Brandon Jr.
Runner James
Irish Dylon(boy)
Wynter Hazel
Daznee Nichole
Cherokee Storm(girl)
Rosemary Marie(DUH!! Marie is Mary)
JewelAnn-Jewel Jane(What?)
Shaylynn Rae
Darby Crash(girl)
Kilee-Jo Madisyn
Crauge Michael Lee
Teyton Grace Paige
Wolfe William
Story Jaydynn Elizabeth
Brydyn Mikalee(BOY!)
Finley Tate(girl)(Sisters are Riley and Bailey)
Texas Alice Nicole
Lexington Isabella
Charlesey Renee(girl)Parents are Lesley and Charles
Poppi Fair(girl)
Memphis Jayde(girl)
Angelic GorreaMarie
Stone Lee
Antwanique Lashae(girl)
Sincere Tayshon Alan
Tayhlore Ladae(girl)
Emperesse Lily
Saviour Bedforde Franklin
Banebridge Vega(boy)
Kadin Elizabeth
Bretly Wayne(boy)
Baileith Kristine
Dagan Johnathan and Boden Michael
Korbyn Xavyor Logen
Santana James(boy)
Kyler and Kitrick
Camdyn Leigh(girl)
Coyote Xander
Paisley Grace
Darton William
Rylen Douglas
Teryn-James Elizabeth
Brayton Lee(girl)
Rykin Jade(boy)
Rhyan Josephene
Destyn Eva
Sayler Elise
Slade Maxim
Montana Elizabeth
Bryley Marie
O'Livejah christina
Craedyn James(boy)
Ja'Tayasiha Monique
Sovereighn Charles
Chesterine Cecelia
Ayden Rose
Jaydyn anthony
Lousea Lynn(LUCY? Mom is Chelsea)
Petronella Mildred
Berlin Lexi
Cash Talon
Courvoisier Che(boy)
North Star Mary Jean
Lucky Stone(boy)
Scout Kennedy(girl)
Blessing Naomi
Phoenix Emma
Haiden Marie
Madissyn Ty(girl)
RaeAnne Miracle Marie
Hobbes Milton
Finley Victoria
Pebblez Ann marie
Sunny Grace
Braunstyn Eathan(boy)
U-Roy Michael
Greenlee marie
Bristal Belle
Rigg Hamilton
Shilynn Shianne
Icelynn Marie
Harlem Xavier VanNess
Tylene Lily


Anonymous said...

Here's one for ya--in my field, we see 'em all. The best for me is "Queen Amazing Mc_____." (spaces protect the innocent)

Ambralee said...

Wow JANE. With someone with a generic name such as yourself you would think one would appreciate that unlike your own parents other parents put some thought into naming there children.

Yours truly Ambralee

P.S. to anyone reading her crap, Im complimented DAILY on my name. Jane is talking out of her rear.

Ambralee said...

wise you are jane to approve your comments before they are posted because I bet there are many responses much like my own.