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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sha'Oshanique Montanie Kitarra
Emmersyn Grace
Westlee Avonna(girl)
Addison-Avery Lillian(One male name isn't good enough for their daughter)
Austyn Jewell(girl)
Brently Danielle(Brently is not a female name. Like that's going to stop them. ::sighs:: )
Brykn Michael(A boy with some vowells missing from his name)
Camerson Michael(Not to be confused with all of the boys and girls named Cameron)
Catcher Marshall
Chloe DakotaLee(Chloe is fine, it's the middle name I have a problem with)
Codah Jay(boy)
Coltrane Theodore(Is Coltrane really necessary? You know they're going to call him Cole)
Cougar Shaun
Da'Codest Daevon(boy)
Dawnessen Marie(Not sure if it's a name, but it sounds masculine)
Elvis Aaron(His Dad's name is Elvis too. LOL)
Emyli(Worst spelling of Emily I've ever seen)
Grayson Paige(girl)
Harlow Isabelle(How can anyone think Harlow sounds feminine?)
Jaykob Ryan
Kambrie Kristine(What on Earth is a Kambrie? Pay attention, this one will reappear on the list with multiple spellings)
Karson Alaya
KrysDen'na Diamond(That can't possibly be Christina, can it?)
Lexcie Lee(girl)
Lexie-lyn Ronnel
Lovely Eunique-Wynter
Lundyn Hanna
Lupeulaualufiapapala Christina Sera(There are no words... because her parents used up all the letters. )
Makadyn Dawn(Oh great.. It's a variant of Kaden. Next up..McKaden, McKadenlee, McKadenson.)
McKynzee Jah Von (girl)
MiAmour Ishanda
Pealingy Bear(boy)
Pharoah Mikel(boy)
Remington Cali
Remington Paikea(girl)
Saybrook Katherine
Shiloh Blue(girl)
Stevie-Lynn Alexa
Timber McKenzie(girl)
Kaydin La'Torrian(boy)
A'Lexxus Louann
Angel-Amor Celestial(girl)
Apple Gabrielle Nayely
Creedence Jhett(girl)
Downs Blakely(boy)
Dutchess Annette(Brother is Sir Dominique)
Hudson Blair(girl)
Jealousziah Andrew Noel
Kambryn Reese(girl)
Karsen Reese(girl)
Kinze Mary-Lou
Landri Caylin(girl)
Legend David Bruce
Lolabelle Sage
Magik Giselle
Maigyn Joye(girl)
Ma'Kenzie Le'Ann
Maybrie Lenae
Mckinzy Maleigh
Micaylah Melonie
Paisley Ann
Phaiden Allen
Reef Eli
Rowdy Ross
September Sky
Shaylen R'dain(boy)
Shaylynne Lea
Sheradyn Raegan(girl)
Skylynne Marie
Slade Justice
Sutton Hope(girl)
Tempest Shealynn
Timber Marie
Ty'Reyiun Parick
Vanity Angela Rose
Whisper Meadow
Zacharee Quintana(Yes, that's a girl named Zachary)
Zheighn Jagger
Cambree Renaee
Carrington Elise
Cheney Jo(girl)
Free Abraham Michael Tristin
Jahmiracle Jahson(boy)
Miracle Nevaeh
SkyDancer Grace
Abcde Rose
Anniston Ella-Belle
Caesyn Amanda
Kaedyn Austin(boy)
Kayden Maree
Lailanee Rose and Mailanee Grace
Pelham Legare(boy)
Slater Lynn(boy)
Talynn Isabella
Treyannah Perstist Jomour
Gel Crystal
Abilene Johasyn(girl)
Ayedin James
Brennen Rae(girl)
Caybrie Saige(girl)
Copeland Grace
Crue Walker and Caden Lee
Flint Dylan
Jaxxen Ray
LilyJo Ann
Tranquility Queshell Evette
Nytifanece Venarietta Bettisha
Brantley Alexis (girl)
Brenslie Muriel(girl)
Campbell Nicole
Carswell Leigh(girl)
Cherokee Rain(girl)
Daemyn Alan(boy)
Donabehn Alexander(His parents are Donna and Ben)
Hunting Reece
Kambree Joy
Kasen Breanna
Melakhye Marrielle(The first name is Malachi misspelled. Don't know what's going on with the misspelled female middle name)
Rowdie Tate

1 comment:

Joy Grassman said...

Got a good one for you, used to work at a hospital in jersey and i shared a desk with the birth certificate lady. They named their kid "Iam God Allah" (First middle last)

We also had one whose first name had three apostrophes and a hypen, but I'll be damned if I can remember what the name was.

Another one I tried to talk a patient out of was Aul'tum (for a girl) She said her niece picked out the name Autumn, but she didn't quite know how to spell it, so she though Aul'tum would work. GACK!!!