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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

McKaylee(Here's a tip for expecting parents. Mc/Mac names are male and made up names are never a good idea)

Zaydee(She could ahve been named Sadie. It's an actual name that won't cause her grief.)

Shasta Lynn(Named after the soda or the mountain? )

Lilee Blu (Lily is a fine name. Lilee is idiotic. Blu sounds like blew. Enough said.)

Jayliahna Nevaeh(Ghetto fab)

Caslyn Marie (CASE lynn? CASS lynn? Either's crappy)

Macartney Katherine(So pretentious. So wrong. If you're a Beatles nut, how about Paula or Paulina?)

Jayelynn Richelle (Jayelynn reminds me of jail. Richelle is dumb. Go with Rachel or Raquel)

Keaton Mae(Giving girl's male/surnames is not cute or original!)

McClain Leigh(Another girl with a male name)

Ryieezcia Marie(Can the parents even pronounce that one?)

Sequoia Jerninesia (Who wants to be named after a tree?)

Bret'Khiya Nichole-Marie(Dad is Bret, but that's no excuse)

Maelaysia Caroline (If you're going to name you kid after a country, spell it right)
Hollyn Alaina(Misspell surnames..are twice as bad)

Heavonly Gail( :::sigh:::)

Ireland Caite (A misspelled, generic nickname for a middle and a country's name for a first name. Way to go , Mom and Dad)
Elektra Abbigail Marie(Get rid of Elektra, knock off a "b" from Abigail and it's an ok name)

Breelynn Chassie-James girl(A made up first name and a half made up male name for a middle name. Poor kid doesn't ahve a chance.)

Dakota and Charley (Twin girls with hideous names)

Epiphany and Serendipity(Twin girls)(No explanation needed)

Onchorynchus Horatio(Horatio is a hot name. No. Seriously.. You saw the first name, right?)
Mahogany Divine(A color of cheap, ghetto nail polish)

Princetynemis Omari Anastacio(Prince wasn't dumb enough for them, I guess)

Wellington Jofrey(So pretentious)

Bobbi Marie(Dad is Bobbie)(So sad)

Legend Raymond(I hope he lives up to his name)

Essence Alayah Nia(Ghetto)

Weslee Anne(I was wondering how long until this one became popular for girls. Why not? They've been naming girls Leslie forever )

Kingstin Charles(Named for Gwen's baby, no doubt. Sorry, I couldn't resist.)

Jezabel Samarah(That should be illegal)

Roper Milo Gordain(His brother is probably named Rowdy)

Kaytee Leigh(A nickname first isn't dumb enough, they had to go and misspell it)

Serenitee Elise(Named for an adult diaper)

Leighvi Makenzie (girl)(This is the worst I've seen on a girl since I started this blog. There is absolutely nothing feminine about Levi no matter how you misspell it)

Reyly Alayn (boy)(Couldn't believe it was a boy)

Ei'Riannah Ann-Renee(What?)

Reef Thomas(And his nickname will be reefer)

Logan Margaret(gag me)

Slater James(Saved by the bell!)

Chayton Jane(Yuck)

Raistlynn Belle(What?)

Lakota Steven(That's like naming him Chinese or Spanish. Lakota is a race of people, not a name.)

Amber-Skye Nichole(Good stripper name)

Makalin Arlene(eww)

Chason Kent(Who is chasing kent?)

Tenlee Grayce(blah)

Layden Scott(Layden? Who thought that sounded good?)

Majesta Regan(Super ghetto fab)

Jakzon Allen(I think that's Jackson)

Marlowe Jade(Marlowe sounds so trashy and Jade doesn't help)

Rook Rowdy(His brother is Bishop)(So retarded)

Pleahsurre RaeNell Leonn(A name chosen while the Mom was high)

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