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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Race Allan (He's going to hate filling out forms.)

Serious Edward June (I don't know which is worse. Serious as a name or June on a boy. )

Mayson Grace (They were probably going for amazing grace. :::eye roll:::

Huxley Hunter (It doesn't flow and the names suck)

Murphy Laura (Murphy wouldn't even be a good name for a dog)

Finley Anais (Finley is not a girl's name!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Winsome Muriel (I hope she doesn't turn out to be repellant, repulsive, ugly, unappealing, or unnattractive. All antonyms for Winsome cause you know, it's a WORD name a name!)

Mabry Lynn(A girl) (Mabry is right up there with Murphy. )

Sooner Shea (A girl born in Oklahoma. Big surprise, I know. )

Skyace Grace (Can't figure out how to pronounce the first name.)

Kyenligh (Thay kneed huked ahn fahnikcs)

Weather (Not a mistake. )

Axtyn Ryan (This is a girl. )

Caston Griffith (Do they actually think Caston sounds nice?)

Abilene Suzanne (Another random city name)

Juice Madison (a girl)( Sounds like a football player from the 70s.)

Kelsen Marie (Another male name for a girl)

Wrangler Wayne (After the jeans or the occupation?)

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