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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Geffen Hill(A boy) (Is that where the record label is located?)

Desire Devine(File under: Her parents smoke crack category)

"Catcher" Charles William( I will never understand "names" like these. How can you call your child catcher? Is that what the parents want him to be when he grows up? What if he wants to be a pitcher? What if he sucks at sports?

Holbrook Irene Sargeant(Well, at least she has Irene to fall back on. )

Jespyn Aiden(A boy) (I don't have any idea what the heck a Jespyn is)

Elliot Rose(You can't make boy's names into girl's names just because you can get a feminine nickname out of it. GR!!!!!!!!! )

Cohen Bryce (Another obessed The OC fan)

Goldjen Lee(A girl) (Her Dad is Gold. I kid you not.)

Stellar Raine (Stella is a name. Stellar is a word. )

JhonathenRay Alan (What is wrong with Jonathan Ray Alan?)

Daxilee Laura(Yuck, just yuck!)

Symphany Brooklyn (The only thing worse than word names is misspelled word names)

Cotton Warren(I know this was a popular name during the civil war era. I don't understand why anyone would use this name now)

Duelette Ventura (She's ready to fight!)

Waverly Knekoal (I don't know which name is worse. BTW, Knekoal is Nicole)

Camden Mayley (Just your average male name on a girl.

Wrigley Lillian-Ciara (Cubs fans no doubt.)

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