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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Jessica Simpson

I am so sick of celebrities giving male names to girls. It isn't cute. It isn't unique. I think she's the third celeb this year to give the name Max to her daughter. Max can be a nickname for Maxine, but Max or Maxwell on a girl is just gross. She claims Maxwell is a family name on the father's side.  What if the family name was Elizabeth or Esther? They certainly wouldn't give those names to a boy. I just don't understand it. The baby's full name is Maxwell Drew Johnson. Ugh. So feminine, right? 


Claire said...

I looked at that name on the Yahoo article and could barely contain my disgust. As if using Maxine wouldn't have obviously been close enough. Yuck!

Melanie A. said...

As someone that has a daughter named Frankie who is named after her great grandmother (Frances) and a boy named Ashley who is named after his great great uncle, I totaly get why Jessica named her daughter Maxwell. There are worse things she could have done.

Vera said...

There are ALWAYS worse things someone can do, doesn't make it okay or not annoying.