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Friday, March 30, 2012

Celeb Babies!

Actress Shannyn Sossamon had a son recently and named him Mortimer. What do you think? Is that an improvement over her 8 year old son's name? His name is Audio Science. Mortimer is a legit name of course. It doesn't sound very attractive. I'd rather be a Mortimer than an Audio Science. 

Jeremy Sisto and his wife recently welcomed a son named Bastian Kick. I like Bastian as a nickname for Sebastian. Kick is just dumb. Jeremy's daughter is named Charlie-Ballerina.  Which is worse? I think the girl's name is worse. Why Ballerina? Is that what they want her to be? What if she hates dancing? I don't get it. 

Jessica Simpson is due with a baby girl soon. I am afraid of what she might name her kid. Jessica has said that it is not a typical name but you can find it in the dictionary. 

I'm so sorry it's been too long since I made a post. I will try to post more often. 

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